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Look Hoo I Found

I’ve had a vintage owl cookie jar for a few years, and I move it around the house from time to time. Sometimes it’s in the living room on an end table, sometimes it’s on the buffet in the dining room. Other times it’s hanging out in my office or in the library upstairs. (It gets around.) Oddly enough, it’s rarely in the kitchen and has never been used for cookies.

Owl Cookie Jars

If you want a little owl friend of your own, you can usually find some quirky old ones on eBay, but it can be hard to find a simple, white one. I noticed this new one though, and I think it’s a good stand-in for a vintage find. Maybe it could even fulfill its intended purpose and safeguard your cookies?

Some Affordable Bathroom Update Ideas

I’ve been sort of planning a little redo for our main bathroom. Not in any real, concrete way, mind you. More of a “gee, we’ve lived here for five years and have never touched the space, aside from hanging up a shower curtain” kind of way. (I’ve never even showed it properly, other than this shot.) So I’ve been looking at affordable updates, and I put a whole roundup together of bathroom decor under $50. I think a new shower curtain may be in order at the very least.

Sources: shower curtainBotticelli Angel paintmirrorwall vaseswashing machine hamperbath matcartmore here

The Lighting Guide: How to Put it All Together

A reader had asked me a seemingly simple question about how to choose lighting fixtures that work well from room to room, and I was inspired to create this entire lighting series to answer. Today, ten posts later, we reach the end and finally pull it all together to answer the original question! You’ll find links to each collection of lights at the bottom of this post, and I’ve also linked to each light individually on Pinterest. Below are my suggestions for combinations that work well together.


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