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Let’s All Come and Play

The train table in Eleanor’s room has been switched up. It shall henceforth be known as the ZOMGeverythinglookssocuteonthislandscape™ table.

I bought the landscape set because I figured it would make a good addition to our train table layout, but after clearing everything off, we haven’t added the tracks back yet. Switching toys in and out of rotation keeps the kids more interested in them, so Thomas and his friends will eventually make their glorious return. Right now, the Gabba guys* are having a grand old time.

Adventure! We’re having so much fun.

* The Yo Gabba Gabba figure set has been discontinued and now sells for crazy high prices. We got ours a couple of years ago. The Playmobil large landscape has been discontinued too, but is still available in small quantities. So if you want one, you know, get on it.

Toy Train Table

The toy train table in Eleanor’s room is one of the most frequently used spots in our home. It’s big enough for both kids to play with at the same time, usually without too much conflict. It looks good in the room, in that classic toy way. It’s fun for the kids, and it’s fun for me. Seriously — I love rearranging the train tracks. It’s so satisfying when a good layout comes together.

I’m telling you. It’s highly likely that I will someday become an obsessed scale model-making enthusiast.

I wrote about the best additions to a train table layout today over on Babble. Give it a look if you’re in need of some ideas. You know, for the children.

Hardware-Included Bedding

This bedding is in the boy’s section, but I think my girl would be all over it. She’s always asking to play “fix it, Mama!”

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