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Lena Dunham's Book Proposal

  • Lena Dunham’s book proposal was leaked. Looks like I’ve got a little reading to do this weekend.

  • Have you seen this article that’s been floating around about women and likability? I agreed with some of it and the general premise, but are we really still stuck at this point where you can only be seen as a nice girl or a bitch?

  • A home so pretty and pink, it’s practically gilded.

  • The 50 best couples in fashion’s history.

  • I knew Annie Mohaupt from way back when we were both startup indie business (I had my stationery line, and she had her shoes). She’s still going strong with Mohop, and I loved reading this story about how she brought manufacturing back to Chicago after trying to move production overseas to China.

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Paper Straw Wreath

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Susan Sontag

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Portal 2

A Love Letter to Nate Silver

  • Let’s be real here; there was a 100% chance I’d like this nerdy fangirl letter to Nate Silver.

  • Andrea’s nursery for her baby is white plus neon. Super cute.

  • Anthony Bourdain is fighting mad.

  • There’s a new trend toward internet shaming. I’ve seen dog-shaming (innocent, sometimes funny) and husband-shaming (innocent, not funny), but then there are also sites outing racists and homophobes. I think the mentality is that it’s OK to bully the bullies, but I can’t say that I agree. What do you think?

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