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I know we’re all getting tired of the political song and dance, but here’s one more for you. (See? I’m keeping it light here, people.)

The majority of my readers are American women, like me. Vote, ladies. Our daughters’ daughters will adore us.

The Color Run 5K

I’m a new runner. I’m not even really a runner yet — I’m only on week four of a Couch to 5K program. My sister, Ashley, is even less of a runner than I am. She’s making up her own program by running on a treadmill to Ke$ha (I’m sure it’s a totally sound training program, sis). Yet I convinced her to join me for The Color Run!

I figured it would be a great first 5K, because it’s not a true race. It isn’t timed and it’s all about the experience of ending up doused in color as you’re pelted by volunteers while you run/jog/walk past intermittent checkpoints. Fun!

It had started raining the day before and cleared up right before the 5K started. The rain then stayed away just long enough to douse us as we walked from the L back to my house.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Color-Soaked Shoes

Now, question for people that can actually run longer than 3 minutes straight. It gets easier, right? I’m trying so hard, but it’s really difficult. My goal is to actually run a 5K.

Roller Skating with Eleanor

I recently took part in a record-breaking attempt to be the longest line of roller skaters, and I dragged my family along. I wanted to skate with Eleanor! August is too young still, and so is Eleanor really. Details, details.

Eleanor, in Roller Skates

She already has a pair of adjustable Fisher-Price skates with wheels that lock, so when the guy at the skate rental counter recommended them, I balked. The real deal, I demanded! We were given the cutest pair of ancient skates — toddler size 8. E hated them (“too slippery!”). So we swapped them out for the plastic Fisher-Price skates that she knew and loved, locked the wheels, and took one (long) lap around the rink as E held on to the wall. We both loved it.

p.s. I think the world record attempt was successful too, but I haven’t heard any official word on that yet.

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