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Pop That Collar

I had some photos taken over the weekend by my photography teacher, Arnold Klein. He likes to experiment with lighting and processing techniques and he needs willing subjects, so I took him up his offer to photograph us.

He is still selecting photos and editing them, but here’s one of his favorites. It’s fun to see yourself through someone else’s lens (literally). I came in with my coat on after running out to feed my parking meter, and we took a couple of shots with my coat collar popped.

Nicole Balch

I was doing my best to smize there.

Short Hair!

Short Hair!

I chopped off all of my hair last week. I’d been considering it, but I hadn’t really decided until I just went for it. Susan at Sparrow did an awesome job.

Also, it appears I was channeling August. We wore the same foxy sweater that day — Brandon chose it for him while getting him dressed, not knowing I was going to wear mine. Then I went and got a little boy’s haircut. His haircut. Twinsies! I am not sure how I feel about that, but I guess we’re pretty cute together.


Also, looking at these pictures, I’m realizing that maybe I should be tucking the little ends behind my ears. (And probably also showering before taking and posting giant pictures of myself, but whatevs!)

The Vintage Bazaar at DANK Haus, Chicago

The weekend after Valentine’s Day, The Vintage Bazaar popped up again in Chicago. Brandon and I last went when it was a part of The Renegade Craft Fair, last September, and this time it was at DANK Haus.

The Vintage Bazaar, DANK Haus, Chicago

Goods at The Vintage Bazaar, Chicago
Goods at The Vintage Bazaar

The only thing I bought, these amazing brass lampshades ($45 for both), didn’t work in my house. I knew they’d either be really good or really bad, and I think they skewed toward the latter. I still think they’re awesome, but I just don’t have the right lamp base for them. Not to worry, they’re going to a good home.

Vintage Brass Lampshades

Why have we not eaten at Big Star yet? I kept seeing them at popups and street fests, but after finally trying some tacos, I suddenly have a deeper understanding of this.

Big Star at The Vintage Bazaar

We stopped at the Smilebooth for some pics.

Nicole and Brandon at The Vintage Bazaar (Smilebooth Photos)

And then we looked around a bit more. I’m kind of kicking myself for not picking up a few more things, but there’s only so much room for vintage dinnerware in our house.

Goods at The Vintage Bazaar, Chicago

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