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Eleanor’s Motto

I Want All of the Cats to Love Me the Best

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Eleanor and Mabel

Eleanor and Mabel

Feels Like Home

Last week, someone asked me on Twitter if I ever get spooked in this big old house. I grew up in the Chicago area (River Grove and Franklin Park), but we didn’t have Victorian houses in that neighborhood. My only references to them as a kid would have been The Addams Family and The Munsters. Creepy, but not scary. More awesome, really.

I am easily spooked though. I no longer watch scary movies because I can’t stop thinking about them for days months years afterwards. The Gift creeped me out. I don’t even remember much about it, besides a scene with some water and a tree, and oh let’s not think of it. I’m pretty sure that The Ring was the last one I saw, where I decided that yes! That’s it! I’m done with these! In the old house, more often than I’d like to admit, I ran up the stairs at night. Because: zombies. I know it’s irrational, but at least it was good cardio?

In this house though, there has been no nighttime running up stairs. No sprinting down halls in dumb terror. Brandon tries to mess with me. I told him what I was writing about today and he said “yeah, this house is good. Except for that sound of a baby crying. You ever hear it? In the hallway upstairs. But it always sounds far away…” (It isn’t working on me. Yet.) This house feels right. The kids took to it immediately, and we all fit in very happily here. I think that as long as I can go downstairs for a glass of water at night without being scared, and we can have impromptu picnics in the kitchen the next morning, we’re good.

Impromptu Kitchen Breakfast Picnic

This house feels right in so many ways. I hope we’re here for a long, long time.

Eleanor Picks Paint Colors

August gets excited when we do something different to his room. “A new blanket? For me!? WOW!!!” He’s two though, and he is not the bundle of opinions that is four-year-old Eleanor. She’s a character, but I love that she’s so into personalizing her room. She has been steadfast in her wish for dark blue walls, so I wanted to make sure she would like it by showing her some mock-ups of her room before we paint.

E was making silly faces for me the other day, when she asked me to take pictures of her wearing her new shoes. As I looked through them, I realized that they were pretty representative of her opinions on the paint colors. So here we go! Mock-ups and reactions.

First up, pink. I don’t think pink is the way to go for her new room, but we had to start with a baseline.

E's Room Mock-up - Pink

What do you think, Eleanor?


That’s what I expected. Here’s aqua.

E's Room Mock-up - Aqua

This could be nice. See? It works with the light, and the bedding. How about it, E?


OK, that’s a no. All right, all right. Dark blue? Yes?

E's Room Mock-up - Blue

Do you like it?


Ah. I see that I have your interest.


Oh, oops, I hit the lightness slider too far to the left. That’s really dark.

E's Room Mock-up - Dark Blue

Let me just fix that. Wait, what? You like it?


Of course that’s the one you go for. DARK BLUE. All right, kid. It’s your room! Let’s make it work.


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