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Eleanor Picks Paint Colors

August gets excited when we do something different to his room. “A new blanket? For me!? WOW!!!” He’s two though, and he is not the bundle of opinions that is four-year-old Eleanor. She’s a character, but I love that she’s so into personalizing her room. She has been steadfast in her wish for dark blue walls, so I wanted to make sure she would like it by showing her some mock-ups of her room before we paint.

E was making silly faces for me the other day, when she asked me to take pictures of her wearing her new shoes. As I looked through them, I realized that they were pretty representative of her opinions on the paint colors. So here we go! Mock-ups and reactions.

First up, pink. I don’t think pink is the way to go for her new room, but we had to start with a baseline.

E's Room Mock-up - Pink

What do you think, Eleanor?


That’s what I expected. Here’s aqua.

E's Room Mock-up - Aqua

This could be nice. See? It works with the light, and the bedding. How about it, E?


OK, that’s a no. All right, all right. Dark blue? Yes?

E's Room Mock-up - Blue

Do you like it?


Ah. I see that I have your interest.


Oh, oops, I hit the lightness slider too far to the left. That’s really dark.

E's Room Mock-up - Dark Blue

Let me just fix that. Wait, what? You like it?


Of course that’s the one you go for. DARK BLUE. All right, kid. It’s your room! Let’s make it work.


Set in Stone

The village has been redoing our alley. The entrance to our garage (along with many of the others’ down the alley) was damaged in the process, and today a crew came to finish the repairs with fresh cement. Brandon noticed the work being done, and was excited about heading out with the kids to put their hand prints in it. They were so into it!

Hand Prints in Fresh Cement

We plan to be in this house for a long time. How cute would it be to see their little hand prints on our property as they grow older? We went out as a family. The kids pressed their hands in, I scratched ’2013′ in, and we used a cute stamp for their initials. Then the cement worker, who was down the alley a few houses, came by to smooth it all over again when we went inside to wash the kids’ hands.

Unsentimental jerk.

Poster Children

These are just a couple of shot of details I want to remember from this house. Nothing design-y, nothing you’ll want to pin, but details that I love because August and Eleanor love them.

The two-year-old boy’s version of a pin-up? A Playmobil construction toys poster, along with some of the road construction signs we used for his birthday party.

The Back of August's Bedroom Door

A four-year-old girl’s version? An Animal Crossing poster (her favorite game, and mine), and one from the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! show. More road construction signs here too.

The Back of Eleanor's Bedroom Door

Not the most pleasing aesthetically, but they’re not so bad. Kind of sweet, really. Especially compared to the cars with babes and teen idol posters that may loom in our next home’s future.

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