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The Victorian House: Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, and Back Porch #1

Here’s the rest of our new house’s first floor! Think of this as ‘The First Floor: The Wallpapered Edition.’ (There will be more upstairs, too.)

You’ve seen a glimpse of the kitchen already. Here she is, in all her glory.

Wallpapered Kitchen



Tin ceiling! Not original, but period-appropriate.

Tin Ceiling

The stove is not vented. It’s wood burning on the left, gas on the right. We immediately blew out the pilot light five minutes into owning the house, and had to run to a neighbor for matches. Then it happened again, and again (but at least we had the matches to relight it). Good times! Continue Reading…

The New House

I’d been waiting to share the house with you until everything was in order. We’re still waiting on the financing though, and that’s waiting on the appraisal. I believe it’s scheduled for this week, and then there will be further processing time after that. We were pre-approved for a larger mortgage than we would actually want or need, but pre-approval is different from underwriting. Our broker has been confident that we won’t have any problems, but I worry anyway.

I figure I can worry and share the house at the same time.

The Rainbow House

Part of me can’t believe that we’re getting this house. Part of me is still waiting for that other (financing) shoe to drop. We sold our house to buy this one. I have cried over it, not from worry or stress, but because I never thought I would live in a house so beautiful, that I loved so much. I’m being terribly schmaltzy, I know! I love it though. I love it.

One month after touring houses on the Wright Plus Housewalk and thinking about starting to look for a new house, we bought one. It turns out that the open house I stopped in on my way home — the house I talked to Brandon about in a wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a house like that kind of way — is the one we’ll be moving to at the end of August. We hope.

I shared plenty of photos from the MLS listings from two of the other houses we had considered buying. Both of those were estate sales though, so the homes were vacant. The house that we are buying is still occupied by the current owners, and out of respect for them, I won’t be showing detailed photos of the interior yet. It is gorgeous, but even staged to sell it is still filled with their art, furnishings, and personality. We’re scheduled to close on the house in late August, and I’ll go through and take plenty of pictures then (too many pictures, I’m sure!) to share.

The exterior is fair game though, right? Because whoa, the exterior.

Pink Roses on the Front Porch

Looking Ahead to the Backyard

I’ve been paying attention to outdoor seating areas, looking for ideas and thinking about what we’re going to do with the porches and small patio at our new house. My little orbit chairs are still going strong (thanks, plastic!), and of course the egg chair is coming with. I don’t think that the table we bought last year will fit though, and I don’t want us to move it, store it, and move it again, only to end up selling it in a few months. I’m fairly certain the table needs a new home, and I’m trying to decide if we want to sell any or all of the chairs at the same time. I still have all of this extra seating in the garage too, and it’s probably time to let some of it go.

Anyway, I noticed a ton of inspiring ideas in this home tour, but I was particularly drawn to the following two outdoor lounge areas.

Outdoor Lounge Area

Outdoor Lounge Area

So good, right? I recognized the white chairs immediately, but quickly realized that I could source the other chairs too — it’s all IKEA. (Just like the majority of our outdoor furniture.)

IKEA Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Here’s another great use of that white chair. I spot the same Ammerö benches we have too, with a blanket over top.

Outdoor Lounge Seating Area

So good! I’m looking forward to putting our stuff together in new ways.