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Possible Rugs for the Basement

Our cats are jerks. They’ve destroyed the black and white striped rugs in the basement.

Violet pees on them, Mabel poops, and Kili throws up. It’s quite the trio we have! (Jerks.) Mercifully, they’ve left the rest of the house alone. I assume that because their litter boxes are down there, they view the entire basement as free reign. We tried our best to salvage the rugs, cleaning them and dousing them in dubious pet stain removers, but they’re a lost cause at this point. We considered having them professionally cleaned as a last resort, but the rugs were cheap, the cleaning would cost nearly as much as new ones, and it would be a lost cause anyway.

The basement floor is painted concrete, so I’d like to still have rugs down there, but we need something indestructible. Either carpet tiles that can be removed for washing (or replaced), or an outdoor rug that can be scrubbed and hosed down every so often. Here are some that I’m considering.

  1. Parallel Beauty Carpet Tiles
    Probably my favorite of the bunch, especially for the play room side of the basement. They’re graded for contract use, so they should hold up, but I’m not sure. I may need to go check these out in person.

  2. Trimaran Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    Neutral, safe. Not bad, but not terribly exiting or inspired.

  3. Chevron Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    The lease expensive option, but I wonder if I’m over bringing more chevron into the house. We already have a zigzag rug in the living room.

  4. Kitchen Sink Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    I like this one a lot, up close, but I’m not sure about it from farther back.

  5. Negril Indoor/Outdoor Rug
    I like that the pink is so prominent, but I don’t think the colors would play well with the basement’s olive green floor.

Hang-it-All Up

The stairs to the basement are looking cute. Finally.

The stairway is right next to the back door in the kitchen, which is the entrance we use most often. We used to have hooks and a shelf there for our coats and shoes, but we took them down when we remodeled the basement. Then the contractor mistook them for trash (an easy mistake to make), and thus we had nothing up for a while. Outerwear began to migrate throughout the first floor and shoes abounded.

I bought what I thought was an Eames Hang-it-All from a discount shopping site, but it turned out to be a fake. It’s fine, I just didn’t realize that when I bought it. But it’s here and it’s cute, and it’s great for the basement stairwell.

An Eames Hang-it-All

The stairs made installation difficult. I did make sure to locate the wall studs though, and I put together a quick how-to in case you ever need to do the same.

Bye bye, IKEA shelves that were mistaken for trash. Hello, accidental knockoff Hang-it-All. If my house were a reality show, this area would be the bad girl, stirring up drama. And it would be the lamest reality show ever.

This is a pretty simple before and after. We painted the walls pink (Wild Aster, Benjamin Moore) and the door and trim white (Antique White, Benjamin Moore). We no longer needed a shelf because we added a shoe organizer (from the Orla Kiely collection that Target had a couple of years ago), which makes the shoes much easier to reach. Then we hung our new hooks.

We also added children to our family, for the sole purpose of having a reason to keep cute hats and coats around for ‘after’ photos.

It’s working out well!

p.s. I wrote about August’s cute lion hat here.

Hanging it All

I bought an Eames Hang-It-All from one of those invitation-only group shopping sites. You know… the ones I don’t typically like to shop at? And oops, I bought a knock-off. The tag listed it as a “George Nelson Timepiece” (huh?). It was cheap, yes, but I didn’t realize what I was buying, and for a knockoff it was pretty much the regular price.

That's a licensed Eames Hang-it-All. Mine looks mostly like it, but some of the colors aren't as vivid.

Oh well. It will be fine for the awkward stairway to the basement. We used to have some inexpensive hooks and a shelf from IKEA, but the contractors that worked on the basement remodel didn’t realize that we actually wanted them, so they were tossed. I guess they thought they were ugly relics that came with the house! Here’s an old photo of them in place.

At the Back Door

I’ll make time to tackle installing the new hooks this weekend, and I’ll of course share photos after. If I don’t kick myself in the pants to get it hung, I’ll never get around to it! I’ve been meaning to do it for more than a month already.

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