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Our first house, as we bought it (2007):

And the house, as we left it (2013):

Goodbye, house.
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A Colorful Door, Colorful Appliances

(And a Big Goal)

I was thinking some more about lighting, and the plan for finishing the kitchen’s minor update. OK, really what I was doing was fixating on getting a new fridge in addition to painting the back door. A colorful door and a colorful appliance! Sounds perfect! While I was giving myself figurative back pats for so confidently deciding on a plan for the kitchen, I realized I’ve seen that combination somewhere before. On Pinterest, probably? No wait, it was somewhere else…

Laundry Room

Oh, right. In our laundry room. You know — that room right in my house? Duh.

The red washer and dryer were the nicest things in our basement for a very long time, until we elevated the surroundings with a remodel. When we finally did have a nice laundry room, I was extra glad that we spent a little more initially to get a red set instead of white.

Brandon and I took on our DIY kitchen remodel right away when we moved here in 2007, and we tried to keep the cost down as much as we could. We spent a lot on the quartz counters and a stainless steel gas stove, but we didn’t put all that much thought into selecting a fridge. We chose the model that we did because the front of it was the right color (titanium alloy, though it looked like a match to our stove), and the sides were painted gray instead of black. The fridge is completely exposed in the center of the room, so those gray sides were a big selling point to us. Our entire kitchen — with new everything except the floor — cost only $11,000. Aside from a brief period during which the fridge made a weird noise (it just needed to be re-leveled), it has served us well. Now that the kitchen has been freshened up with all of its white paint though, the fridge bothers me. It isn’t worthy of its focal point placement.

White Kitchen

I’ve always liked the look of vintage fridges, especially when they’re pink. I think that as cute as my laundry room turned out with its colorful appliances, my kitchen could be 10x better. But appliances are not cheap, and I know that buying a pretty new fridge is a little ridiculous when I have a perfectly good one that’s only six years old.

My big life list goal for this year is to land a book deal. It’s a little scary putting that out there because I may fail (and obviously you’ll be able to tell if this does or does not work out for me), but I’m going to work hard to make it happen. And if/when I do, I’ve decided (and Brandon agrees) that I ought to celebrate with the completely frivolous purchase of a cute fridge. Consider it an added incentive.

It’s going to look so good.

Put the Kitchen Door to Work

Here’s a little storage trick that works for us. I added hooks to the back of our kitchen door to keep all of our bibs, reusable shopping bags, and a couple of aprons. We also keep one tote there to act as a laundry bag for the bibs and dish towels that need to be washed. We almost always keep the door to the kitchen open, which means the side with the hooks is up against the wall. Everything is accessible, but we don’t have to see it all the time.

Back of the Kitchen Door Storage Ideas

  1. Series One Peg Rail
    So minimal and lovely! So not like the hooks I actually have!

  2. Cotton Canvas Tote
    We keep one large tote to store dirty bibs and dish towels until laundry day. Ours is a grocery store bag that’s not nearly as pretty as this one.

  3. Reusable Shopping Bag
    I keep a few reusable bags in my purse at all times, and store the extras in a pouch on a hook. I like the ones from Envirosax and Baggu.

  4. Woodland Tumble Embroidered Bib
    Bibs are still handy for the kids when we’re having a messy meal.

  5. Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener
    We used to use dryer sheets, but I was pretty excited when Method sent over some of their new softener. It’s good stuff (but we do keep this in the laundry room, not the kitchen!).

  6. Kitchen Apron
    I’m kind of over cutesy aprons, but I love this simple one. Works for men and women.

Of course, that was the magazine-perfect fantasy version. Since owning a single beautiful bib isn’t actually practical, our door really looks like this.

Put that kitchen door to work!

(Trivia: That shabby chic bird hook was the first thing I ever bought from eBay.)

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