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Hipster Chia Pets in the Dining Room

Oh, you guys. I know what you were waiting for. All weekend you thought “ooh, if only I could see those creepy giant head vases Nicole bought again.”

You’re in luck!

They’re huge, and believe me, I know that not all of you like them. But I do. And I think I still prefer them in the living room, but we need some art above the sofa to balance their size. So maybe they’ll live in the dining room for a while? It will be great for when I totally lose my marbles. Instant dinner party guests!

Tibet Almond Stick

We’re keeping our dining table. The consensus seemed to be that the Strut table I had my eye on, while beautiful, is prone to scratches. We have enough of those already, thank you.

The kids and the cats have both been doing a number on our beautiful vintage table, but it does still clean up nicely. My mother-in-law gave me a Tibet Almond Stick for the surface scratches in the wood that the cats are so fond of creating. It’s basically an oily bunch of cloth in a tube, but it does help.

Strut X-Large Table

I’ve always liked the Strut Table from Blu Dot. I’ve found one for half-off, and I’m strongly considering it for the dining room. What do you think?

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