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Mini Terrarium and Fern Centerpiece

I made a terrarium last week that I will share with you soon, but this isn’t it. This is a little premade guy that I picked up at Sprout Home while I was gathering supplies to make my own. The fern was supposed to go inside the one I made too, but it was too big for the container so I’m trying it in the dining room. Apparently it’s a high maintenance plant, a lover of humidity that will require a daily mist. It is also particularly appealing to the cats, so I don’t think it’s going to last long. I’ve had that tree stump planter forever though, tucked away behind the computer on my desk, and it’s nice to give it center stage with a new plant in it.

And how many trends can I gather in one setting? If you were playing a decorating drinking game, you’d be pretty smashed! Birds, a terrarium, a tree stump (painted silver for a bonus!), an agate geode, a big hunk of rose quartz…

The Dining Room, Set for Easter

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As I mentioned, I spent the weekend painting the ceiling in the dining room. I had intended to do so years ago, but I’d never gotten around to it until now. I chose a dark color to bring the ceiling down a bit, and the effect contrasts nicely with the living room’s higher ceiling and lighter paint color. It’s a trick that Frank Lloyd Wright used a lot; I just borrowed it.

Everything in Chicago is greening up and Easter is almost here, so I set the table with a nod to spring. Corals and pinks, plus the requisite eggs, chicks, and bunnies.

The sequined animals were from west elm, several Christmases ago (they were part of a line to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital). The dishes and bowls were also from west elm, the napkins and silverware from Crate & Barrel (from nearly eight years ago when Brandon and I got married), the glasses from CB2, and the runner by Chilewich. It reminded me of eggs. And speaking of eggs, the egg cups are vintage melamine.

I usually stick to white for dinnerware, and I still do like it as a foundation, but those coral bowls are so cheery.

Cute place settings, colorful dinnerware, and a little fresh paint. The dining room is feeling good, and all set for spring. Have you done anything to freshen up your dining room lately too?

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Painting the Dining Room Ceiling

I finished painting the trim in the room a year and a half ago. We put up the wallpaper ages ago, back when I was pregnant with Eleanor. (By the way, wallpaper hanging is not a fun job for pregnant ladies.) That ceiling though? Never touched it. It was white when we moved in and I had always meant to paint it, but it was good enough for a long time. Over the weekend, I finally decided to go ahead and paint it.

I wanted to match the wallpaper background, but go a shade darker. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what color the background is though. It’s gray, yes, but it’s kind of a pinkish purpley warm taupey gray. I chose as best I could, and as it was going on, it looked decidedly purple. Not good. It turned gray as it dried though, so I think I’m committing to it, at least for a little while. I have to roll the ceiling, and then do an entire second coat (at least), but I think it’s going to be worth the effort.

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