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Cutest Dish Rack Ever

We added a dishwasher back when we remodeled our kitchen, but I’ve been washing Eleanor’s bottles, bowls, and spoons by hand. A tea towel on the counter worked well for laying everything out to dry, but then I found the grass drying rack by Boon. It’s adorable.

Cutest Dish Rack Ever

I tried to make the other side of the sink cute too. The green soap dispenser is for hand soap, and the olive oil bottle is for dish soap.

Soap Dispensers

The green one is great but the other isn’t working out as well. I liked the look of it much more than any actual dispensers I had seen, so I thought I was being very clever when I bought it. When I tried to use it though, I realized I’d have to dilute the soap considerably for it to pour through the spout. Oh well. At least I tried, right?

Kitchen Sink

The Pet Door

It took us three years and the impetus of having a baby, but we’ve finally installed a pet door.

Pet Door

The kitchen door leads to the basement, which we’ve always left ajar for the cats. We had thought about cutting a hole when we initially moved in, but we were hesitant because we didn’t want to mar a 100 year old door. Recently though, I’ve become less afraid of ‘ruining’ our house in the pursuit of making it work for our family. Paint the woodwork? Yes, please. Cut a hole in the door? Don’t mind if I do.

And speaking of painting the woodwork, we’re getting there. All of the baseboards and doorways are done, one of the windows and one of the doors have been finished, and we still have one window and three doors to go.

An Update on the Kitchen Trim

The baseboards are finished. The doorways are 85% there. I still have to prime and paint two windows and five doors. And maybe paint the walls too, though I’m liking the yellow more against the white than I did before.

So yes, progress has been made, albeit very slowly. My model below is the reason…


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