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Our first house, as we bought it (2007):

And the house, as we left it (2013):

Goodbye, house.
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Brief Random Updates

A few updates on some things that you may or may not have been waiting for me to resolve. (Probably not, but here we go.)

My Office! The Kitchen!

I returned the floral curtains I tried in my office. I thought about using the fabric in the kitchen, but wasn’t in love, and so back to the store they went.

Speckled Bloom Curtains in the Kitchen

hr 644

The Kitchen! Again!

The electrician I called out for an estimate on recessed lighting in the kitchen got back to us, finally. $2300 to provide and install six 4″ can lights in the kitchen, plus a dimmer switch. That sounds high, right? Or is that what it costs to Swiss cheese the ceiling in a house that 100+ years old?

Oh, pretty lights. I don’t think we can have you if we don’t add some additional lighting elsewhere in the room.

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The Bathroom!

I swapped out the white toilet seat for a black one. I like it! I did that last month but it didn’t really feel worthy of a full post and Instagramming your toilet is weird, so I hadn’t written about it until now.

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The Basement!

Brandon and I are going to try to clean up the basement. We’re planning a party for Eleanor’s birthday at the end of April, and we thought it might be good to have some wide open space downstairs for her and her preschool friends. (Do kids even have their parties at home anymore? None of her friends have.)

Basement Storage Plans

There’s a whole lot of stuff down there still from when I styled a photo shoot for a brand’s Pinterest campaign, and a lot of stuff in general. We need to get some shelving in the storage area before we can make sense of the rest of the space. We have so much that I’d be happy to get rid of, but I don’t know how to best go about it. Garage sale, Craigslist, eBay, or just donate everything?

That is all.

Speckled Blooms Curtains in My Office

Speckled Blooms Curtains in My Office

Well, I went and ordered those Speckled Blooms curtains so I could see them in person. They’re pretty. They also don’t go with my rug (which I knew), so now I’ll have to decide which I like better.

If I keep them, I’ll sell the zigzag rug. Then I’ll either bring in the white Orleans rug from the nursery (depending on what we do in August’s room when we get rid of his crib), or I’ll pick up something white and fluffy for the office. Maybe just a little sheepskin for under my chair?

Speckled Blooms Curtains in My Office

The curtains are pretty girly, but it is my office, so I’m not too worried about that. I don’t know if I’m in love with them though. If I were to really implement everything from my reimagined office design board, they would be beautiful. Without the lovely wood tones from the card catalog dressers (or maybe an awesome vintage credenza), and the added interest of the brass and bright red, they’re falling a little flat.

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