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Our first house, as we bought it (2007):

And the house, as we left it (2013):

Goodbye, house.
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Clearing Out

It’s starting to feel real. The house is starting to empty out a bit in preparation for showings.

Clearing Out

What a great time to skip town!

A while back, I arranged an overnight trip with a few friends and now it falls during a busy week. The house was photographed for its listing earlier today. I have my last studio portrait lighting photography class tonight. Brandon’s holding down the fort with the kids, and I’ll leave tomorrow morning to pick up Kim*, Jess, and Heidi. (We’re heading up to Camp Wandawega.) When I’m back on Thursday, Brandon and I will finish any last minute staging, and the house will hit the market Friday.

Quickly, quickly!

* Kim’s closing on her new house the day ours goes up for sale! I’m looking forward to boring Jess and Heidi with our real estate talk.

Pink Loves Blue

There’s a sofa at Anthropologie that I keep calling the staff to pester about. I’m trying to catch it on sale once they’re ready to let go of the floor model so I can see if just maybe it can come live at our house. It’s big and comfortable and so pretty with its curves and single-button-tufting. And it’s blue. Kind of a teal/turquoise really, but to my surprise, I’m smitten with it. My iPhone pic isn’t doing it justice.

Winifred Blue Sofa at Anthropologie

It isn’t on the website, but it’s the same as the “zesty” Winifred with solid upholstery and an additional support in the center. Same price too, but if I could sell my sofa and get that one on clearance, it wouldn’t be so out of reach. (A leather sofa can always wait.)

OK, so we’re probably not getting it. There are a million other things we could (and should) spend our money on first, but yeah, I’m embracing my newfound love of the color blue. I pinned the image below recently, and I’ve been finding myself going back to look at it over and over again. I like the symmetry, the hive vases, and the metal finishes against the wood, but what I’m really drawn to is the contrast of pink and blue.

(image source)

So good! I blame the the upstairs bathroom with its turquoise blue fixtures. Six years of living with them, and the color has charmed me.

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