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The Laundry Room, As it Usually Looks

I’ve shown you my laundry room before, all clean and new and shiny. Oh, you cute little joke of a drying rack! How adorable you were, yet how ineffective! We replaced it with these folding racks, and while the function was greatly improved, it looks messier. Especially since we usually have clothes draped all over the place. This is what the laundry room usually looks like.

Is it weird that most of my clothes seem to color-coordinate with the washer and dryer? Let’s pretend it isn’t. Even the umbrella that’s in the room for some reason works with the room. (And that umbrella, by the way, is from when I first discovered the work of Salvador Dali, as a teenager. Because apparently I was an umbrella-obsessed youth.)

Brandon washes the clothes, and I put them away. I actually like putting things away when I know that they have a specific place to be, all neat and orderly, and folding laundry relaxes me. It’s part of my personality that I can leave clutter out in plain view, but the things behind doors, in cupboards, drawers, and closets, all need to be neat. Are you like that?

So yes, Brandon does 99% of our laundry; he always has. We’ve also always liked and used Method’s detergent. I like it a whole lot more now too, after learning about the company. One interesting thing they talked about was the ripple effect their laundry detergent had across the industry. They were able to super-concentrate it to previously unheard of levels, in order to package less water and be more eco-friendly. A competitor then used the technique for their own version , and the big box stores loved it — not because it was more green, but because they could fit more product on the shelves in less space. So the giant stores put pressure on the industry, and soon everyone started offering smaller versions with less water. It wasn’t done with the green conscience that Method had, but the end result was still good for the environment.

Oh, and remember when I said you were going to want to see the Method guy sing? Yeah. It’s time.

Awesome. I’m going to sing it while putting away our clothes now.

US readers can print a $2 coupon from Method’s Facebook page on Thursdays in May, and CA readers can use the discount code “WASHME” here. They also have a photo contest you can enter for a chance at a year’s supply of Method detergent.

Our Laundry Room

I showed you the final design plan already, but now I can finally show you the finished room!

Making it Lovely's Laundry Room

The red washer and dryer that we bought when we moved in look better than they ever have, but I think it’s the giant utility sink and double faucets that make the space.

Large Utility Sink in the Laundry Room

That’s pretty much my dream sink and if we ever leave this house, it would be one of the things I’d miss most. I have a little plant (cyclamen) in the window, and a gray and white striped towel hangs from a red hook to the right.

A plant sits in the window above the utility sink.

A grey and white towel hangs from a red hook.

There are still things I’d like to do. I’d like to replace our rickety drying rack and hang a clothes rail from the wall or ceiling. I’d like to find some cute laundry baskets instead of the cheap plastic ones we’ve had forever. There are a few touches that I really like though, like the art. The droplets print from Summersville brings in some color and pattern, and I love that it’s screenprinted on fabric. It’s perfect for the laundry room.

Art and Accessories in the Laundry Room

I have to say, I think this room may have made me a ‘blue’ convert. It’s not normally a color that I like to use, but the laundry room is so cheery and fresh. That octagon tile makes me happy too. And three cheers for an old-fashioned swinging door! It makes me think of my grandmother’s kitchen.

The Basement Laundry Room

It’s nice to have a non-scary place to do laundry.

Laundry Room Design Plan

Our red washer and dryer are the only things left in the basement from before our remodel. Everything else, including the existence of a laundry room, is new.

The floor in the room slopes toward a drain (required by code because our tankless hot water heater is there). We needed a small-scale tile that could handle the dip, so I chose octagon & dot with charcoal gray grout. The exterior door opens out to the backyard, and it has been painted in Benjamin Moore paint that was color-matched to Martha Stewart’s “Sparkling Brook.” The wall color was also a Martha color (“Cumulus Cloud”), matched to B. Moore’s “Whirlpool.”

The giant utility sink is amazing. And I feel like I should say that I like the built-in soap dish on each faucet because it’s functional, but I really just picked them because they looked good. (Thanks again, Vintage Tub & Bath, for providing the plumbing fixtures.) I bought a red hook to go above the sink, and I’ll hang a striped hand towel on it. The window above the sink will get a few accessories, like this blue pitcher/vase that picks up on the color of the door.

I loved the look of the Samson stool, but had wished it was counter-height. So I got to talking with a friendly fellow over at Industry West about providing seating for the basement (they’re in!), and it turns out they’re in the process of manufacturing a taller version. They’ll be sending one over as soon as they’re available. It will sit next to a black sideboard that will serve as storage in the room. Above, I’ll hang this Droplets Screenprint, framed in black.

We already had a folding drying rack and garment hanger that we’ll probably reuse for now. They’re both pretty flimsy though, so I would like to replace them with something more sturdy in the future. As the laundry room comes together, I’ve been thinking of it as a version 1.0. As we use the room more, I think it will be easier to see what needs to be improved upon.

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