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A Better Look at the Playroom

Yesterday’s post was more about how we use the space, but today I wanted to share some more photos of the playroom. It isn’t quite done, but nearly so.

Playroom #makingitlovely

I have some clips for hanging the kids’ art that I want to put up, and some other prints and paintings to hang. I sewed those curtains way back when, and now that they’re up, I can take down the old blinds that are still there. The windows themselves though are the worst in the house. I’d like them to be painted white, but I suspect they’ll need repair or replacement, so I’m holding off until I assess my options.

Playroom #makingitlovely

Eleanor has a lot of tea parties here. She setup this little homemade booster seat a couple of days ago, and seeing it was one of those “awwww” moments of parenting.

Homemade Booster Seat #makingitlovely

Both she and August like to use the play kitchen a lot. As much as I like pink, I was hoping for something more gender-neutral in color, but then I found this one on clearance for a great price. It’s well-made and fun to play with, and I’m pretty sure neither kid cares what color it is.

Play Kitchen #makingitlovely

Ever wonder where those flea market mannequins of mine went? There they are! On the right.

Playroom #makingitlovely

Good golly, they really are creepy, aren’t they? It’s like the latex head Brandon used to hide in our kitchen cabinets — you get so used to the weird creep-factor that you kind of forget about it until you see it through someone else’s eyes.

Let’s move on. Dress-up closet!

Dress-Up Clothes#makingitlovely

Dress-Up Props #makingitlovely

Dress-Up Closet #makingitlovely

Outside the closet, I lined up the bookshelves that used to be in Eleanor’s room, in the last house.

Playroom #makingitlovely

Then we have the easel, and the art desk, which you saw yesterday. (And the creepy mannequins again. Hi!)

Playroom #makingitlovely

I’m planning on painting a fun pattern behind the art desk, to break up all the white, and putting up the kids’ artwork will help too.

Kids' Art Desk #makingitlovely

It may not be done, but it’s working so nicely for us.

The Playroom Art Center

I’ve been working on the playroom on the third floor. We’ve all been feeling a little stir-crazy, waiting for spring to officially arrive (though we had a sneak-peek yesterday and today with temperatures in the fifties!), so it’s been great having a fun space inside the house setup for the kids. There are plenty of toys, plus a play kitchen on one side and an art station on the other. Lately, we’ve been going upstairs after breakfast to paint, work on arts and crafts, or color. Eleanor helps set everything up.

Why yes, we do always use a mug with a kitty and fireworks on it when we paint.

Water for Cleaning Paint Brushes


August likes to paint at the easel too, or use watercolors, but he wasn’t into it that day so he played with his cars while I helped Eleanor. After a while, he made some cupcakes in the play kitchen which we all agreed were the most delicious ever. They were made of eggs, chocolate and ketchup. Yum.

August, Playing With Cars

Making Cupcakes

Eleanor painted a rainbow. For The Rainbow House, naturally.

Painting a Rainbow

Eleanor, Painting a Rainbow

I keep the tray of the easel lined with paper towels so that it doesn’t get too glopped over with paint, but I don’t stress about the kids being neat. They can do their thing, and then we clean up any errant paint spills and splatters when they’re done.

After Painting #makingitlovely

The paints are washable, so cleaning up is easy. I keep a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s countertop spray in one of the art cubbies on the desk, and I try to enlist the kids’ help as often as I can. I spray, they wipe. I clean for real, they push a toy vacuum around. (You take the help you get, right?)

Cleanup Time #makingitlovely #mrsmeyers

Rainbow Painting

The light is so nice up there in the mornings, and the kids have such a good time. It’s one of our favorite places to be.

The Playroom Art Center #makingitlovely #mrsmeyers #getmessy

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The Bathroom on the Third Floor

It’s looking cute.

Bathroom with Wall Vases #makingitlovely

The black rubber-coated soap pump is the only thing that hasn’t made an appearance elsewhere on the blog, as far as I know. I think I bought it to use when I was redoing the main floor bathroom in the last house, but I ended up using a glass soap dispenser there instead. In this bathroom though? Perfect.

Black, White, and Wood Bathroom #makingitlovely

The towel is hanging from a hook that I’m reusing from the bathroom on the second floor. I have the green vintage wastecan from the half-bath that we added to the last house, and the man and woman bathroom sign vases are back, too. They aren’t always filled with fresh flowers, but let’s pretend they are.

Bathroom Details #makingitlovely

Same with the little black pitcher next to the sink. Hello, little white flowers! Hello, nice-smelling eucalyptus!

Bathroom Flowers Near the Sink #makingitlovely

The green bowl was also from that bathroom, along with the white first aid box. (The kids’ wipes are inside.)

Bathroom First Aid Kit

I removed a medicine cabinet that was mounted above the toilet. I was going to hang some art in its place (photography, probably), but I tried it out with a placeholder print and it felt too busy between the mirror and the window. Something small, or a small grouping, could be cute. That’s the kind of thing I’ll keep in mind moving forward — if I see something, great! If not, no rush.

Bathroom Wide Shot #makingitlovely

The mirror silver is nicely aged. This isn’t a bathroom that we use for getting ready, so a crystal clear image isn’t necessary.

Antique Bathroom Mirror and Brass Sconces #makingitlovely

The black and white polka dot shower curtain was in the first house. Even with a wide angle lens, it’s difficult to get a good shot, but it looks great in the space.

Bathroom, Shot from the Hall #makingitlovely

I’ve been crazy about the combination of black, white, and wood for some time now, so this bathroom is making me pretty happy. The simple palette tones down the playfulness of the polka dots too, and I love them in there. No need to take things too seriously when decorating, right?

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