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Some people buy one set of bedding and only replace it when it starts to fall apart. Strip the sheets, throw ’em in the wash, put ’em back on. I’ve never been a ‘one set of sheets’ kind of gal.

It’s not even that I have a million sets (I have three), it’s just that I like to have some options. I’m not going to repaint every season, and as much as *ahem* I like a good rug, I don’t change those out as frequently as my recent shenanigans would suggest. Bedding though? Instant mini-makeover!

I spotted a pair of the best pillows ever in an Instagram shot from Wit & Delight a few weeks ago, and I began searching for them. Five variations of “wink/winking pillow” down the search engine internet rabbit hole, and a pair of my own were on their way. About a week later, I was running errands with Eleanor when I spotted a cute set of pink and coral sheets that of course had to come home with us.

I made up the bed, fulling intending to photograph it for the blog the next day, but the wee ones were not cooperating. First, just a few hours after putting the new sheets on, Calvin uncharacteristically threw up all over them. Strip the sheets, throw ’em in the wash, put ’em back on. The next day was rainy, and the light wasn’t just right. The day after that, two little monkeys, jumping on the bed. Today, rumpled sheets that can wait because look at that smile.

Calvin and Brandon

I feel like I may have had this problem before. Same quilt and everything.

The One with the Red Console

Gem is moving to a new spot in town next month. I walked by the current location on my way back from class last week and spotted a sign that guaranteed a slight detour from heading straight home. (And look, the trees have exploded with spring flowers! Oak Park was just named an arboretum, you know.)

Downtown Oak Park

I fell a little bit in love with a ring while I was there, but it had diamonds and rubies and was priced accordingly. There were snakes on it though! Subtle snakes — the best kind. I can’t impulse-buy a $1000 ring, but I can snap up a red console with drawers for $200. Behold.

Red Console with Drawers

Have you seen the latest Anthropologie home catalog/lookbook? I’ve had this image from “the optimist’s house” in my head because I loved that lacquered blue bar in the corner.

Anthropologie — The Optimist's Home (March 2015 Lookbook and Catalog)

It’s not that I wanted that exact piece. I was inspired more by the idea of something in a bright color to give a little oomph to a corner of our living room, and I made a mental note to keep a lookout for the right fit. Something with interesting lines, that either had gotten a paint job already or that could stand to benefit from one. I admired that red console when I spotted it at Gem, not sure where I would use it until I measured it and realized it would fit opposite the teal sofa! It came home with me later that day.

Red Console, Peacock Mirror, Black Walls » Making it Lovely

I might scoot that mirror up a bit now (the previous table it hung above was several inches lower), but I’m not mad at it. I’d shrink the console down by 10% if I could too — it fits, but it bumps up against the edge of the trim. Again though, I’m not mad at it.

Red Console, Peacock Mirror, Black Walls » Making it Lovely

Red! Pink! Mixed metals, wood, and black! This little corner is looking pretty fantastic. I had to buy a couple of nude ceramic figures while I was there too, as one does.

Ceramic Nude Figures » Making it Lovely

I snipped the lilacs for those vases from our backyard. Thank you, spring. Thank you, too, sidewalk placard at Gem! So glad I stopped in.

Red Console, Peacock Mirror, Black Walls » Making it Lovely

Slightly Off-putting Art for a Bathroom

I’ve been making a few changes to our bathroom. I feel like it needs some art on the walls, but I don’t think it should be too serious. There was a photo that used to hang in my uncle’s house that I loved, and he has said that we can have it if he can find it, so fingers crossed for that. If it doesn’t come up in his search though, I’m thinking it’s going to be something along these lines…


But not that funny. Let’s call them mildly amusing.
Bathroom Art: Funny

  • Look at those puppies!
    Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, at Cruft’s Dog Show, Terence Spencer

  • Look out behind you!
    Fist Fight, Red, Dadu Shin

  • Nature calls.
    Collocation No. 14 (NATURE) Left Panel, Mickey Smith

  • Ooh, that smell. Can’t you smell that smell?
    Knuba, 2010 by Alex Kostinskyi


Because I also think the idea of a bunch of people watching you when you step out of the shower is funny.
Bathroom Art: Portraits

Slightly Off-putting

Some of these are strange in and of themselves, and others only by context. Certain imagery is just a little ‘off’ in the loo.
Bathroom Art: Slightly Offputting

  • I love the idea of a nude, but thought better of it because of the kids. I’m not worried about my kids, but more about their friends. Is that a strange concern to have? The Balch House: gateway to sin for the youth of Oak Park. Anyway, I love this one, but the eye contact is a little intense.
    Untitled (Suzie Hedge), 2006 by Brandon Herman

  • Do you really want to think about food in a bathroom?
    Chocolate Electric, Martha Rich

  • I see you.
    Mask, Jennifer Ament

  • A family of five, just like mine! Oh, wait. This family might not be “just like mine.”
    Family, T. Huybers

  • Yeah, they really want you. They really want you, and I do too. (Hey, this one can hang next to the cake! Think anyone would get it?)
    Day 260: Baby Doll Hands by Lisa Congdon

  • Again, think of the children.
    Drawings for 3 Rooms in Your Home: #1 by Steve Lambert

Funny and Slightly Off-putting People

It’s everything I love in one! (Can you tell this is my favorite category?)
Bathroom Art: Theme

  • Shhhh!
    British Children Playing Outdoor Games in London Suburbs, Terence Spencer

  • I’m not familiar with her (she’s an actor, says her Wiki), but this photo is fantastic.
    Lynn Redgrave Making a Face, Terence Spencer

  • What’s not to love about this?
    Women Holding Giant Masks, Bettmann

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