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Honor Roll

Sometimes I come across something so cute/sweet/charming/funny/pretty/inspiring/lovely that I just want to share it with you.  These are the things that have made my  honor roll.

I also write for Babble’s Family Style blog. Here’s what I’ve been sharing there…

Taking Great Photos of Kids

I’m working with Shutterfly on a sponsored three-part series to share some of my favorite photography tips with you. Over the next few weeks I’ll tell you how to photograph your cute home, and I’ll talk about documenting your baby’s growth like I’ve done with my monthly baby pictures. Today though? It’s all about taking great photos of kids.

First of all, kiddos are short. You’ll get better results if you get down to their level.

Of course, sometimes standing over them can give you an interesting shot. The occasional Dutch angle is good too (just don’t overdo it).

Don’t be afraid to get close.


And even if you don’t know a thing about composition, or the technical aspects of photography, you can never fail when capturing emotion.

“I’m not so sure about this…”

“It moves!?”

“This is the best!”

See that? Pure joy! Nothing better.

This content series is brought to you by Shutterfly. Make your photo book just the way you want with the all New Custom Path.

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