Photo 101: The Book

Nicole Hill Gerulat sent this book to me after she read that I was looking to improve my photography skills. It’s a companion to her Photo 101 course, which I wrote about separately.

First off, I learned a lot about my camera in just the first ten pages. I’ve read (OK, glanced) through my camera’s instruction manual before, but the features and functions never made as much sense to me as they did after reading the first chapter. I was excited! Then I read this:

It should not take 1,000 shots (or even 10) to get the right one. Who has that kind of time? Or hard drive space? The goal here is to get our percentages up so that at least 80% of a shoot is portfolio-worthy.

Say what? I sat up a little straighter in my chair. I’ve always been of the ‘take a million shots and hope for a few good ones’ school. Happily, my percentage has been improving, thanks in large part to Nicole.

Photo 101 Textbook by Nicole Hill Gerulat

Suzani Indian Dhurrie

Sometimes I post things that my Australian readers wish they could get their hands on, but this time the tables are turned! I saw this rug in the May ’11 issue of Real Living (the issue also features Belinda’s home). So pretty.

Matt Blatt

Our Laundry Room

I showed you the final design plan already, but now I can finally show you the finished room!

Making it Lovely's Laundry Room

The red washer and dryer that we bought when we moved in look better than they ever have, but I think it’s the giant utility sink and double faucets that make the space.

Large Utility Sink in the Laundry Room

That’s pretty much my dream sink and if we ever leave this house, it would be one of the things I’d miss most. I have a little plant (cyclamen) in the window, and a gray and white striped towel hangs from a red hook to the right.

A plant sits in the window above the utility sink.

A grey and white towel hangs from a red hook.

There are still things I’d like to do. I’d like to replace our rickety drying rack and hang a clothes rail from the wall or ceiling. I’d like to find some cute laundry baskets instead of the cheap plastic ones we’ve had forever. There are a few touches that I really like though, like the art. The droplets print from Summersville brings in some color and pattern, and I love that it’s screenprinted on fabric. It’s perfect for the laundry room.

Art and Accessories in the Laundry Room

I have to say, I think this room may have made me a ‘blue’ convert. It’s not normally a color that I like to use, but the laundry room is so cheery and fresh. That octagon tile makes me happy too. And three cheers for an old-fashioned swinging door! It makes me think of my grandmother’s kitchen.

The Basement Laundry Room

It’s nice to have a non-scary place to do laundry.

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