Blue Bathroom, Finished!

Huzzah! Hooray! The bathroom is finished!


Most of the items are sourced in my last post, so check there if you want to know where everything came from.

So, yeah. I went with option #6, with the white vanity (Bathroom Redo [Renderings]). I was going to go for option #2 with the dark brown, but I changed my mind once we switched to the new, white medicine cabinet.

There are little vingnettes here and there, to distract you into thinking that the bathroom was not once an ugly, confused mess.


Top o' the medicine cabinet

I actually think the bathroom is kinda cute now! And we did the whole thing for only a few hundred dollars, which was of course the goal. We also painted twice, which was not the goal (haha), to arrive at the lovely green we have now.


I even painted and brought the teal/turquoise color over by way of plastic bins to the storage area:

bathroom storage

That’s “my side”. It wasn’t too bad before, but I thought “hey, why not double my work?” because that is how I roll. The frames that we had hung in our previous bathroom are up there now. They’re just ads from a British magazine (for Marks + Spencer), but I love them! I think they’re perfect over by my makeup and girly things.

Oh, and we hung a silver letter ‘B’.

‘B’ for Balch, ‘B’ for Blue, ‘B’ for Bathroom, ‘B’ for Better!

The Bathroom

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