The First House


Today I’m finishing up a round of illustrations for a client, signing some paperwork for a new writing gig I’ll be taking on, and putting together a pitch for a huge event that requested some styling help. (I’m a hustler, baby!) And then? We should probably start packing up. We’re out of here at the end of the month.

Our House Exterior

Our house sold in five days. The first day on the market, a Friday, was quiet. The weekend picked up, and then our agent held an agent’s open house that Tuesday. The next day saw a flurry of activity, and we accepted an offer. We’d had 16 showings and cancelled at least a dozen more that were upcoming. I hadn’t said anything on the blog until now because real estate transactions are slippery fish! There’s the initial “I want to buy your house!” offer, then negotiations, the inspection, an attorney review period, the appraisal, and financing to be secured — and at various points the buyer or seller can walk away. Nothing is 100% until the closing, but that will happen July 31. Assuming all goes according to schedule! Fingers crossed for everybody, all around.

We won’t have a house for a few weeks after we sell. We’ll be moving all of our stuff into storage, and then going to Wisconsin to spend some time at the family lake house. We’re not thrilled about the added expense of renting storage units and moving everything twice, but we are lucky to have such a nice place place to stay while we’re in between. The kids have been looking forward to heading back up there, and we could use the change of scenery ourselves. We’re all excited about the new house, but it will still be hard to leave this one.

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    July 29, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you and your family and so excited to see what you’ll do with that new / amazing house. I have two favorite of all time blogs – yours and Young House Love and you’re BOTH getting new homes. It’s so exciting.

    *selfish disclaimer. We closed on our third house this past Thursday and I need all the inspiration and ideas I can get, so I am BEYOND thrilled that I get to watch you design and decorate a whole new house. Any plans to do up a really fun boy themed playroom mood-board while you’re whittling away the hours in Wisconsin? (PLEASE SAY YES!!) It’s the one room in our new house that has me completely stumped. It’s just a standard sized bedroom with a closet. An average sized white box that has to hold a mother load of toys and art supplies…while remaining neat and organized…it should be easy but I’m terrified of it. Help me. ;-)

    Enjoy your time in Wisconsin we’ve been having some CRAZY weather lately. You’ll need snowpants and swimsuits. =)

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