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Style: Pink Ballet Maxi Skirt

I bought this pink ballet maxi skirt earlier in the month, and posted about not being sure how to pull it off. I still need to find a good black and white striped top (what kind of blogger am I to not own one!?), but I’ve owned the skirt for three weeks and worn it three times. Pretty good for a completely impractical item of clothing, I’d say.

Get the Look

  1. Ballet Maxi Skirt

  2. Leather Obi Belt
    Similar — mine was from Anthropologie.

  3. Fanned Alloy Necklace
    Similar — mine was from J.Crew.

  4. Regina Wedges
    You’ve seen these before.

  5. Brass Teardrop Bangles
    Similar — I’ve had mine for ages.

  6. All of Blushing Bag
    OK, this would probably rip the skirt to shreds. “Look out kids, mama’s got her spikes today!”

  7. Sheer Sleeve Sweater

What Do You Wear with a Maxi Skirt?

I bought a pink ballet maxi skirt the other day. I had to think twice, even with a 25% off coupon in hand, but I love it. It’s so feminine! It’s so beautiful! It’s so impractical!

If I have to bend over to pick something up (say, I don’t know, a child or two), the skirt touches the ground. Fine in a dressing room, not so great when out and about. Yet I still love it.

The skirt nearly grazes the floor if I wear flats, so heels or wedges are a good idea with it. And I kind of have no idea what to wear on top, because I haven’t worn a maxi skirt since I was a teenage goth (and duh, you just wore a black band tee with your black skirt back then). The shirt I tried on with it looks good, but the skirt needs to have more than one partner. I like my clothes to be polyamorous.

Hey there, black and white striped sweater that I saw in the window of J.Crew (and that I can’t afford). I feel like you would go nicely. I want this whole look, actually.

Now that I see how much I like the longer skirt length on me, I’d wear this dress too, but the ballet maxi is the only big clothing purchase for me right now. I know I can find another striped top to wear with the skirt, and a white cotton tee in the right cut would look fantastic too.

It’s times like these that I wish I kept up with fashion blogs and glossies, because I’m sure I’d have a million more ideas. I know the maxi skirt trend has been going strong for a while and I’m just jumping on board now, so any tips?

Style: With a Polka Dot Top

My outfit was a last minute switcheroo, but I like it even more than the original one I was going to share.

The sheer pink polka dot tights I had based my whole other look around ripped. And not just a little rip that I could have fixed in Photoshop, I’m talking about the kind of rip that essentially turned my tights into cutoffs. So I grabbed a polka dot shirt instead. I just wish I had realized that I also grabbed the same skirt I showed last month. Oh well. I suppose the lesson here is that a white pencil skirt is more of a wardrobe staple than you might at first think.

Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Gingham Pendants

  2. Dolman-Sleeve Top

  3. No. 2 Pencil Skirt

  4. Sinclair Glasses

  5. Swing Bag

  6. Ambitious Heels

A note on some of the items I’m wearing that are no longer available: As I mentioned last time, my skirt is seven or eight years old. I’ve had the shoes for just as long, and I bought the bag in 2008. Actually, I featured it in my first ever style post, and suddenly it’s on trend! My sister keeps begging for it when I “get sick of it” and I keep telling her it’s not gonna happen. And I’ve featured the necklace before as well. I scooped it up at 75% off when it went on clearance.

Style: With a Polka Dot Top

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