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Let’s Get Dressed for a Diner en Blanc

Yesterday, I helped pack your bags for a trip. Today I’m focusing on something a little more specific: the Alt Summit Winter Wonderland party, inspired by the French Diner en Blanc. It has everyone stressed! I decided on my outfit soon after the theme was announced because I already owned something suitable (white pencil skirt, sheer top [#13], and a white statement necklace), but now I’m second guessing it. I wish I were going a little more dressy, and what I really want to wear is the lacy little number below. What about you?

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Here, Let Me Pack Your Bag for You

Are you heading off on a trip soon? (Alt Summit, perhaps?) I’mma pack your bag for you. It’s much easier than packing my own.

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Style: December 2011

This is a little different from my usual style, but not so far out there that I’d never wear it. I love the dress with black tights, and that bag has been on my wish list for a while now. The glasses are awesome, the necklace is bold but not crazy (sometimes I like ’em a little crazy), and the ring is just plain cool. I think it’s the ankle boots that are pushing me out of my comfort zone with this outfit. What about you — would you wear this? Or maybe with some substitutions?

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