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Style: February ’12

I liked that crazy necklace when I first saw it online, but I want it even more now that I’ve tried it on and seen the scale of it. It’s massive, and kooky, and it looked so good with the outfit I was wearing that day! I snapped a quick photo with my phone, and I’m kind of recreating the outfit here.

  1. Tights, $11

  2. Octagonal Statement Necklace, $328

  3. Golden Gift Ring, $7

  4. How Could You Nantes? Dress, $160
    (My dress was an awesome $30 find from Target, which is now sold out in most sizes).

  5. Original Still Life Bag, Village, $398

  6. Kamilla Boots, $139
    (My boots were from Banana Republic about five years ago.)

p.s. Look, I match the rug.

Style: January ’12

I’m squeaking in at the end here with this month’s style post! I had put together two fashion posts earlier in the month, but a few people have been asking for the official January outfit, so here it is. It’s one of my favorites ever, I think.

p.s. Is it helpful to have the prices listed, or is it distracting? I try to pick from a good range, and I don’t include anything I wouldn’t consider spending my own pennies on.

Let’s Get Dressed for a Diner en Blanc

Yesterday, I helped pack your bags for a trip. Today I’m focusing on something a little more specific: the Alt Summit Winter Wonderland party, inspired by the French Diner en Blanc. It has everyone stressed! I decided on my outfit soon after the theme was announced because I already owned something suitable (white pencil skirt, sheer top [#13], and a white statement necklace), but now I’m second guessing it. I wish I were going a little more dressy, and what I really want to wear is the lacy little number below. What about you?

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