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Style: March ’12

Well. Yesterday was hard. Let’s have something a bit lighter today, hmmm?

I approach these style posts in one of two ways. I either start with some beautiful item, like a dress, and build a look around it, or I recreate an outfit I already own. Here are some items that are similar to what I’m wearing, and I’ll explain my thought process a little more below.


  1. Gramercy Grand Watch

  2. Baripada Necklace

  3. Pink & White Striped Tee

  4. Ampersand Gold Ring

  5. White Skirt

  6. Harlequin Sweetie

  7. Regina Wedges

  8. Hooverville Burgundy Glasses

(Eleanor ran in on my photo shoot setup, and I thought she looked so cute. Toddler photo bomb!)

My outfit above was a mix of new and old, but mostly old. I picked up the necklace before Alt Summit to wear while speaking on my panel. The shoes are new, and they will see me through to the fall, but the skirt I’m wearing is seven or eight years old, the watch is three, and I showed the bag last year when I bought it on sale.

Some of the similar items on my board above are more expensive (like the skirt) and some are less (like the top). Budgets vary from person to person, and while I’m not putting Louboutin wedges in my posts, the Regina wedges I did include may still be too pricey for some. I chose them because I have found that I usually regret cheapie shoe purchases, and I’d rather have one good pair that will last. If you’ve had better luck than I have with inexpensive shoes, feel free to sub. Same thing with the watch. I bought mine shortly after Eleanor was born, probably for around $70, but I showed the Kate Spade Gramercy above because it’s beautiful and it’s the type of watch I have: gold, oversized, with a similar band. Perhaps you already own one like it, too.

Putting a little effort and thought into the way I get dressed makes me feel better, and putting style posts together is fun. Thanks for letting me share them with you! Hopefully I’ve explained the thought behind them, but I’d love to hear what you think.

Style: March ’12

Style: February ’12

I liked that crazy necklace when I first saw it online, but I want it even more now that I’ve tried it on and seen the scale of it. It’s massive, and kooky, and it looked so good with the outfit I was wearing that day! I snapped a quick photo with my phone, and I’m kind of recreating the outfit here.

  1. Tights, $11

  2. Octagonal Statement Necklace, $328

  3. Golden Gift Ring, $7

  4. How Could You Nantes? Dress, $160
    (My dress was an awesome $30 find from Target, which is now sold out in most sizes).

  5. Original Still Life Bag, Village, $398

  6. Kamilla Boots, $139
    (My boots were from Banana Republic about five years ago.)

p.s. Look, I match the rug.

Style: January ’12

I’m squeaking in at the end here with this month’s style post! I had put together two fashion posts earlier in the month, but a few people have been asking for the official January outfit, so here it is. It’s one of my favorites ever, I think.

p.s. Is it helpful to have the prices listed, or is it distracting? I try to pick from a good range, and I don’t include anything I wouldn’t consider spending my own pennies on.

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