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How To Make Colorful Barrettes

post by Andrea

I’m inexplicably drawn to barrettes and hair clips lately.  While they’ve of course been around for ages, their popularity seems to come and go with the trends, and it seems that barrettes are having a moment right now.  From crystal encrusted and highly embellished combs, to simple and colorful bobby pins, hair styles are definitely enjoying the extra attention.  Lucky for those of us that love to DIY, making our own set or cheerful barrettes is ridiculously easy (and thrifty!).  Here’s what you’ll need to make your own set… Continue Reading…

How To Make A Polka Dot Tray

I’ve yet to meet a serving tray I didn’t like.  From small to big, simple and understated to bright and fun, I love the diverse functionality of trays with their ability to be used in a wide range of tasks.  They can be used to serve snacks to the ones you love, or just sit on a table holding treasured possessions — their possibilities are quite endless.  In today’s tutorial, a basic white melamine tray (you can find one at Target for $12.99) is given a fun face lift with office supply stickers in bright neon polka dots and a quick coat of Mod Podge.

Continue Reading…

How To Make A DIY Leather Crossbody Bag

post by Andrea

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I’d have to agree with them when it comes to most of my DIY projects.

I really love my simple leather pouch from American Apparel, so much so that my friend and I figured out how to make our own last year. But I kept running into the same problem when using it to go out for casual events like concerts and picnics, and that was where to put it and how to hold it when running around after kids or when the dining table was too full. So I decided to blend the functionality of a crossbody bag and the simplicity of the leather pouch into one great leather purse I could use all summer long.

This project does involve sewing, but since it’s primarily straight line sewing, someone with intermediate sewing skills should be able to tackle this project.  Continue Reading…

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