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Free Printable Monogram Christmas Gift Tags

These holiday printables are brought to you by HP. Make other easy printable projects at HP’s Holiday HQ.

I like to come up with a cohesive wrapping scheme each year for Christmas. That sounds fancier and more complicated than it is though; I just like for all of the presents to look nice together under our tree. This year’s wrapping paper will be in rich shades of brown, punctuated by minty green (because I think mint will look fantastic under our pink tree!).

Monogram Christmas Gift Tags

I designed these gift tags to use for our presents, and you’re welcome to download and print them for your gifts as well. I’ve done monogram gift tags before, but those were hand-drawn and I wanted to do a new twist on them this year.

Cutting Out Gift Tags

My years as a stationer have taught me a few tips about working with paper. If you have a paper cutter, you can cut the tags into three strips vertically to start. You could also use a ruler and an x-acto knife (or a box cutter, sharp razor, or rotary cutter). Then, keeping the tags in their strips, use an x-acto knife to cut slits along the tops and bottoms for ribbon to slide through. Doing so while they’re still in strips will make the paper a little easier to work with. Then use scissors to finish cutting out each tag. You could also use a hole punch at the top and bottom to thread thin ribbon through, or just punch a hole at the top to use these like more traditional gift tags.

Free Printable Christmas Monogram Gift Tags from Making it Lovely

And here’s another tip: When I have gifts for multiple people with the same initial (like August and Ashley), I write their name on the back of the present with a marker. I can usually remember which gift is which by the shape of the box, but it’s good to have the name on there too.

May your days be merry and bright!

Free Printable Monogram Christmas Gift Tags

How to Make DIY Monogrammed Trophies

Or mugs, dishes, or vases — anything ceramic or glass. But I went with trophies.

How to Make DIY Monogrammed Trophies


Supplies for DIY Monogrammed Trophies

I designed my stencil in Adobe Illustrator and then used my Silhouette cutting machine on vinyl. There are pre-made adhesive stencils in craft stores, and plenty of sellers on Etsy willing to make one for you. You can also cut one out of contact paper with an X-acto knife.

How to Make a DIY Monogrammed Trophy

After you’ve affixed your stencil (as smooth as you can get it around the important detailed bits), you can dab the paint on thinly with a dauber. Peel the stencil off before the paint dries. If you have difficult to reach portions (like the inner triangle of my capital ‘A’, for example), you can use a pin to lift up a corner so you don’t ruin the paint by trying to do it with your fingers.

How to Make a DIY Monogrammed Trophy (Paint and Peel the Stencil)

The glass paint that I used will cure in twenty-one days if air-drying, or it can be oven-baked at 350°F for 30 minutes, and it will be dishwasher-safe once cured. I tend to go light on my DIY instructions (you’re all smart cookies), but if you want a more detailed tutorial, I found this project by searching Pinterest.

DIY Monogrammed Trophies Filled with Flowers

The trophies are cute when empty, but I like them as vases and plant pots.

Monogrammed Trophies Filled with Flowers

DIY Monogrammed Trophies Filled with Flowers

How To Make Graphic Wall Art

post by Andrea

How to Make Neon Graphic Wall Art

I’ve been deep in the throes of getting a very special room ready for an expectant arrival; baby number three.  [editor’s note: Andrea, not me (Nicole)!] I knew I wanted to use a mix of purchased prints and interesting treasures that hold meaning to our family, but I also knew I wanted to add a touch of DIY art to the room.  The room is pure white, with white furnishings and bedding, and a touch of linen beige and bright pops of color to add some vibrancy to the space.  I’ve had this bright neon artists tape on hand for a few months, and have had visions of creating graphic wall art out of it for some time, I just needed the right space to put it.  When we settled on the theme for the nursery, I finally knew just where it had to go.  The process is simple, with dramatic results.  Here’s the how to.

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