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Pretty Packages: DIY Laurel Leaf Gift Tags

Christmas presents go under the tree as soon as we can get around to wrapping them, so they become part of the decorations for a couple of weeks. I like to change things up each year with the wrapping and gift tags, and the kids help now that they’re old enough. I came up with these laurel leaf gift tags because they’re easy to make (important with kids, or when you’re going to make a lot of them and don’t want it to take forever), but they still look cute. Bonus: they lie flat, so they don’t get squished by the other presents.

DIY Laurel Leaf Gift Tags (Pretty Packages)


Kraft Paper Key TagsCard Stock (in two shades of green) • Green Brush MarkerMetallic MarkerGlue Pen1/8″ Hole PunchGreen Satin Ribbon


Start with kraft paper key tags as the base of your gift tags. Cut simple leaves out of card stock in two shades of green, then drew a leaf vein down the center of each with a green brush pen or marker. Line up two leaves with the top of each tag, punch a small hole, then use a to assemble. Metallic markers show up nicely against kraft paper and catch the light, and green satin ribbon on each present ties in with the tags’ laurel leaves.

DIY Laurel Leaf Gift Tags Supplies

More Ideas and Inspiration

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Pretty Packages!

Up to the Highest Heights

We do plenty of open-ended art projects around here. “Here are some watercolors; let’s paint!” Or “I brought home a big package of pipe cleaners. What should we make?” But the kids, Eleanor especially, really like having a project with step-by-step instructions to follow. I think they feel good about having made something themselves by following directions, so they love kits.

Kiwi Crate Craft Kit

I was given the opportunity to test out Kiwi Crate, a monthly subscription service, and I let E choose which craft we should try. They have different themes each month, like gardening, dinosaurs, and space, and Eleanor picked Fun with Flight because she wanted to make kites. Once she knew I’d ordered it, she asked “is it here yet?” every day until it arrived.

Eleanor and August

Each kit comes with all of the materials you need to make two or three projects (depending on which theme you choose), along with Kiwi Crate’s explore! magazine. Their monthly subscriptions start at $16.95/month with free shipping, and they also sell supplies like pipe cleaners, felt, and pom-poms, or party favors like capes, wands, and wings.

Making a Kiwi Crate Kite

Making a Kiwi Crate Kite

After finishing up her first kite, she and August both made rockets that launch with a rubber band. Kiwi Crate offers a “no fight” option with extra materials, so E and A were each able to make a happy-face kite and a grumpy one, and two different rockets. The both got the bonus paper flyers that were included and their own copies of the explore! magazine, too.

Making Kiwi Crate Rocket Ships

Kiwi Crate is offering a discount for my readers right now. Join their Time Traveler Series with projects to fall back in time! The promotional code excludes sibling add-ons, but you can save 25% on your first month subscription with code LOVELY25.

Making Kiwi Crate Rocket Ships

So cute. I love a good craft project that comes to my door, with all the guess-work and supply-shopping taken care of. And the kids loved making everything!

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees

Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

Here’s a cute DIY project to add a little sparkle and shine to your holiday! These colorblock Christmas trees took a few hours to create, but if you simplified the palette (and skipped the glitter paint), you could finish them in about an hour. Here’s what you’ll need.


DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees (Supplies)

The smaller cones were to be glittered on one side, so I first painted the entire cone in a solid color. The larger cones were each going to be painted one one side with metallic paint (which I knew to have good coverage), so I started by taping them off and painting just half in a solid color. It’s easier to tape a cone vertically, though I’m sure these would look fantastic done horizontally if you’re up for the challenge.

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees

Acrylic paint dries quickly. I found that by the time I was done painting the last of my six cones, the first would be ready for another coat (I did three on each). After the last coat had dried, I removed the old tape from the larger cones and retaped them to paint the other sides. The metallic paints I used looked good after just one coat, but I still did three — because I am weird and like to keep things even.

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees

Adding the glitter… there went the whole ‘keeping things even’ idea. I lost count of how many coats of glitter paint I used! I knew they would take a while to build coverage, and I think I may have put 10-12 coats of paint on each cone. Early on in the process, I considered ditching the paint and just using glitter, but it was my hope that by using the glitter paint, each Christmas tree would be less likely to flake and leave a sparkly trail wherever she may go.

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees - Adding Glitter

So far, so good. The glitter is staying put, and I love the two-tone effect.

DIY Colorblock Trees

I’m not sure if I’ve found the perfect place for these yet though. I like the effect of the mirror, doubling them and showing off both sides, but there’s already a lot going on in the hutch above, and with the stockings below. What do you think?

Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

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