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In vlog form! Soon you will see why I don’t do vlogs. I ramble without the ability to edit text.

My Big Goal for the Upcoming Year from Nicole Balch on Vimeo.

If you can’t watch, surprise, I want to write a book. I went through an agent interviewing process and have started my proposal, then life got in the way when we decided to sell our house and buy the new one. Moving, blah blah blah, still working on the proposal.

If I put it out there, I’ll hold myself more accountable, so that’s what I’m doing. I want a book. I’m writing the proposal and making it the best lil’ proposal it can be before it gets shopped around to publishers. The book is my number one goal for this upcoming year, and I’m ready to devote a whole lot of time and energy to making it happen.

Thinkin' of a Master Plan

Camp Wandawega Getaway

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Last week, I spent a couple of days here.

Camp Wandawega

I’m lucky to have this job of mine. Banana Republic wanted to work with me to promote their new Milly line, and asked that I invite a few people for a summer outing. Inviting bloggers wasn’t a requirement, but I wanted my friends Jess, Kim, and Heidi to come. Then I crossed my fingers and sent an email to the owner of Camp Wandawega, hoping to rent a cabin. You know — that place in Wisconsin with the paint-by-number nursery?

Camp Wandawega's Paint-by-Number Nursery

That’s the one. I’d seen the place in magazines and photo shoots for years, and was thrilled when Tereasa was able to accommodate us. Kim was familiar with it too, and was equally excited about going. Can you tell we were into it?

Kim Vargo and Nicole Balch

We were all pretty into it. (Plus we all got some cute new clothes, so bonus.)

Kim, Jess, and Heidi

Jess decided that we were glamping. I don’t know if that’s technically accurate, as we did have beds. The showers were communal, so I guess there was that. And we probably could have slept in the camper, had any of us wanted to.

Camp Wandawega Showers

Camp Wandawega Camper

Anyway, we slept in beds, in a sweet little 3 bedroom cabin. This was my room.

Camp Wandawega Bedroom

Brace yourselves, because this place was amazing and I have approximately 2,042 photos of it. Continue Reading…

Pop That Collar

I had some photos taken over the weekend by my photography teacher, Arnold Klein. He likes to experiment with lighting and processing techniques and he needs willing subjects, so I took him up his offer to photograph us.

He is still selecting photos and editing them, but here’s one of his favorites. It’s fun to see yourself through someone else’s lens (literally). I came in with my coat on after running out to feed my parking meter, and we took a couple of shots with my coat collar popped.

Nicole Balch

I was doing my best to smize there.

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