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Our first house, as we bought it (2007):

And the house, as we left it (2013):

Goodbye, house.
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Moving Day

Eleanor and August

Well, that was an unexpected week off from the blog. That’s what happens when you scramble to get all of your belongings into storage, get the house swept and cleaned, and the keep the kids happy. Not having an internet connection may have also contributed.

Skeleton Keys

The closing was scheduled for 3:00 yesterday. Brandon and I had almost finished moving everything out by the morning, but we still had a few things left on the storage shelves in the basement, plus the shelves themselves. We filled our car by 2:00, but had no room left for the shelves and uprights. The new owners were about to do their final walk-through, so we quickly left a note on a box saying that we would be back to pick it up while they were at the closing, and sorry.

We got back to pick it up, and they wrote back:

We love this place!! :)

We’re glad! We loved it too.

Poster Children

These are just a couple of shot of details I want to remember from this house. Nothing design-y, nothing you’ll want to pin, but details that I love because August and Eleanor love them.

The two-year-old boy’s version of a pin-up? A Playmobil construction toys poster, along with some of the road construction signs we used for his birthday party.

The Back of August's Bedroom Door

A four-year-old girl’s version? An Animal Crossing poster (her favorite game, and mine), and one from the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! show. More road construction signs here too.

The Back of Eleanor's Bedroom Door

Not the most pleasing aesthetically, but they’re not so bad. Kind of sweet, really. Especially compared to the cars with babes and teen idol posters that may loom in our next home’s future.

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