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Eleanor’s First Haircut


This is my favorite way to dress babies when they’re still so little. Classic union suits and fun patterned socks.

August’s outfit is vintage, and his socks were a gift from sweet Yvonne all the way from the Netherlands.

Derby Lite

Yesterday, I went with my friend, Amy, to Derby Lite’s “Get in Gear” Day.

I used to skate when I was younger. As a girl, I was at the North Ave. Roller Rink as often as possible from the ages of 8-12 (I had a girlhood crush on Pete, one of the skate-guards). Then I got a pair of roller blades and I was outside on those whenever the weather was nice enough through my early teen years. Then by the time I was 15 or 16, what happened? I was too cool to skate anymore? Believe me, I was not cool. Anyway, I grew up, and I hadn’t skated since. Until yesterday.

Amy and I took turns skating and watching August (he’s still exclusively breastfeeding, so I had to bring him with). I wondered if I would still be a good skater. Answer: no. Would I still enjoy it? Yes. Do I want to sign up for the beginner level? Emphatically, yes. Amy was left wondering “where should I buy some suitable workout pants?”, whereas I was wondering “where do they find those awesome hot pants?“. I mean, if I’m gonna do it, I might as well do it right.

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