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Choosing New Lighting for the Bedroom

I am working with American Express to redo my bedroom. This week they have provided me with 100,000 Membership Rewards points.

Remember when our roof was leaking last month? Well the water killed our light fixture in the bedroom, so now I’m looking for something new. I’ve been thinking about the Edison Chandelier but as I tweeted about a month ago, “I can’t decide if I think this is industrial cool, or if it just looks like a giant spider on the ceiling.”

All of the images show it in a dining room, so maybe it would just be weird in a bedroom? Here are the other options I’m considering:

I already own a pair of Adjustable Arc Sconces (A), so whatever I choose for the ceiling fixture will have to work with those. The Eclipse Pendant Lamp (B) doesn’t look like anything special in the product photo, but in person it’s really pretty (and a little shimmery). I’m also thinking about getting a Jonathan Adler ceiling light (C) because I love the one that’s in my studio. I feel like the bedroom is an opportunity to do something a little different though.

Now, before you look at the photo below, let me preface it by saying that I think the Hailey Antique Flower Chandelier would look awesome if painted.

Glossy green, maybe? Mustard yellow? Could be good, right?

I’d like to choose something by the end of the week because I’m eager to redeem my American Express Membership Points and finally get a new fixture in the bedroom. I’m really having a hard time deciding though – I’ve been thinking about lights for weeks! Which one would you choose? Or have you seen something else that you think would look even better?

Choosing New Bedding

I am working with American Express to redo my bedroom. This week they have provided me with 50,000 Membership Rewards points.

I always start with the bedding when I want a new look in the bedroom. The only thing that has a bigger impact than new bedding for less money is paint, but then you actually have to paint. And I like painting (I really do), but I also like the wall color we already have.

Well OK, I may still paint… I’m not sure yet. But anyway, bedding! I liked each of these:

  1. Organic Summer Leaf
  2. Links
  3. Marimekko Madison Yellow
  4. Double Dot

They were all good options, but none of them were perfect. Then I found the Abigail Paisley set.

I bought a paisley sheet set nearly a decade ago and I’ve loved it for years, but it has become completely threadbare and faded. I’m so happy to have found a replacement! I redeemed my Membership Rewards points for two $250 gift certificates to Crate & Barrel and ordered the duvet cover with two pillow shams. I also ordered a green quilt and shams at the risk of being too matchy-matchy, but I think it will look good. I already have a set of white sheets, so I’m set in that department. Wouldn’t a set of striped sheets be cute though? Maybe I’ll try to track them down next week (the website says they’re on back order).

What do you think? Will the gray sheets look funny with my brown bed?

p.s. Isn’t this looking a lot like the Striking Stripes and Polka Dots edition of MiY I did not long ago? I loved that one; I’m pretty jazzed about doing something similar!

Time to Revamp the Bedroom

Announcing a new sponsored project…

Our bedroom has gone through many changes over the last three years. We started with wall-to-wall (disgusting) carpet, broken louvered doors on the closet, and mismatched woodwork. We got to work soon after we moved in and we replaced the carpet with dark bamboo flooring, swapped out the closet doors for a sliding paneled set, and added new crisp white trim. We even added a second freestanding closet to the room, and sprung for a new bed and nightstands.

After all that, we didn’t have much money left for decorating. You know… the fun part! We already had some cute sheets, and I made changes by adding inexpensive bedding. We even had a rug that fit, leftover from the dining room of our old apartment. The jute was a bit scratchy, but that rug really tied the room together.

The latest version of the room has been looking pretty good with its all-white bedding and soft white rug, thanks to a strong nesting urge when I was pregnant with Eleanor. Now though? I want color. Pattern. Texture. I miss the fun, the zip, and the zing.

Our Bedroom

That’s why I’m happy to announce that I will be working with Membership Rewards points from American Express to revamp the bedroom! I’ve always been a big fan of their Membership Rewards program; I use my card for business expenses all the time to rack up points. They can be redeemed for different items, but I usually like to go for the gift cards. With stores to choose from like west elm, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel, I know I’ll be able to find some great items.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the process of transforming my bedroom with you. Since we already know what a big difference bedding can make, I’ll be starting there. And at the end of the project, I’ll have a little something (or maybe a big something) for you too!

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