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Sewing Today

I’m sewing curtains for August’s nursery today. With drapery hooks. Wish me luck.

August’s Nursery Design (Sources)

Now that Eleanor is in her new bedroom (which I’ll share soon!), I can finally concentrate on August’s nursery. There aren’t too many big changes to be made, so it will be a quick makeover. I just need to find time to sew curtains and a crib skirt out of the Joel Dewberry fabric I bought for the room.

This was the plan for Eleanor’s nursery:

And here is the new plan for August:

Consistency in design and reusing furniture in different ways seems to be a calling card for me, yes? Making it Yours, baby. Making it Yours.

We’re keeping the same crib, lighting, glider and ottoman, side table, bookcases (used as a changing table), and the paint color. I’m swapping out the curtains and crib skirt, as I mentioned, and bringing in some more orange pieces. Eleanor’s pink dresser is in her new room, so I have a more masculine wood dresser for the nursery now. Plus it’s named after my town, Oak Park! I’m switching the art to a print that I bought at the Renegade Craft Fair years ago by Three Sheets 2, and I also brought in two little orange chairs.

I’ve made a page with a full list of sources (and Eleanor’s is here). Now hopefully I can find a little time for some sewing… and let’s hope it goes well!

New Nursery Sneak Peek

It’s going to be a while before I can share the complete new look because the room is currently occupied by its first tenant.

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