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Elephants for Eleanor

I tried to resist. I really did. I didn’t want to set Eleanor up for a lifetime of elephant gifts (or worse an unfortunate alliterative nickname), as cute as the pachyderms may be. Then I saw these little guys and they were only $6.

Elephants for Eleanor
(from Cost Plus World Market)

Sorry, baby. Years from now when you’re surrounded by stuffed animals and figurines, all elephant-themed, you can blame me.

Eleanor’s Nursery

OK. Let me start by saying that I love my glider. LOVE IT. It takes up half the nursery but it’s my favorite spot in the house. I nurse in it, I rock in it, I sleep in it.

Eleanor's Nursery

Our changing table is just a changing pad set atop bookshelves with doors. The pink flower knobs help the unit look like it belongs in a little girl’s nursery instead of an office space (which is what it’s meant for). Also, I’m glad my mom recommended getting a lamp with a dimmer. I can have just enough light to change and nurse Eleanor when she wakes in the middle of the night, but I can keep it dark enough to signal that it is still nighttime (and that she should be sleeping!).

Eleanor's Nursery

Behind the bookshelves you can see the closet and its little built-in shelves. Quite a while back, I had decided to fill those shelves with wooden blocks and spools. I’ve also added a vintage pull-toy that I picked up at a garage sale and a name train that we received as a gift. We’ll have to remove some of these toys once we really start baby-proofing, but for now they all look cute.

Wooden Blocks and Toys

Here’s a view of the other side of the room.

Eleanor's Nursery

Both Brandon and I slept in Jenny Lind cribs when we were babies, and now our daughter does too.

Jenny Lind Crib

I bought the mobile that’s hanging above the cribthe mobile that’s hanging above the crib a few months ago with the intention of altering it slightly because it was far too big. It’s now much better suited to the small scale of our nursery.

Mobile in Eleanor's Nursery

We have some paper suitcases from my shop on top of the dresser that we painted pink. There’s also a big metal ‘E’ and a pink vase from a garage sale, along with Brandon’s childhood stuffed bear. He loved that bear so much he hugged the stuffing out of the middle! It’s incredibly sweet, and we hope Eleanor will love it as much as he did.

Eleanor's Nursery

The little sunken alcove next to the dresser will be a play space for Eleanor once she’s old enough. I wrote a little more about that back in January.

Toys in Eleanor's Nursery

And now I’ll leave you with this parting shot, the view from the doorway…

Eleanor's Nursery

I’ve listed all of the nursery resources in a previous post, so take a look if you’re wondering where something in the room came from. Thanks for letting me share Eleanor’s nursery with you!

Maybe Tomorrow?

I wanted to post photos of the nursery today, I really did. Perhaps if I had one of those babies that, you know, slept, I could get some things done around here. Eleanor’s a doll, but she’s not familiar with the whole nap concept.

Eleanor, Not Sleeping

“What? I’m supposed to do what all day? Uh, no.”

The nursery photos are forthcoming, I promise.

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