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My Office, Reimagined

I came across these floral curtains, and was instantly smitten. Same goes for the card catalog style dressers. So I started thinking about where I would use them, and I decided to put together an alternative version of my office.

My Office, Reimagined

I painted my walls that minty gray/green a couple of years ago. I wasn’t completely sure about it at the time, but now that color is everywhere and I love it. Besides the wall color, I also have the ‘Non’ print; everything else is on the wish list.

I have more ideas than I do spaces/budget/time to use them.

Shelving it

Every day (or nearly), I sit in my home office across from my Expedit shelves. Truthfully, I’m kind of over them.

More truthfully though? They probably wouldn’t bother me so much if I could just keep the rest of my office neat. (It’s a mess in here right now.) Still, I do a lot of mental redecorating that revolves around those shelves. Here’s what I’d pick if I could wave a magic wand.

*Poof!* New shelves that didn’t cost anything or take any time to put together, that magically styled themselves, and fit perfectly in the room!

  1. Whitewashed Wood + Metal Shelves

  2. Emerson Shelf
    p.s. There’s more rustic industrial style in my post on Babble.

  3. Slim Étagère

  4. Lap Shelving System

Also, I pretend that if I had any of those bookshelves, that my stuff would somehow be condensed and look like this. Because it’s super practical to arrange one’s books with the spines facing in.

I assume the baskets and bowls shown are there to store the necessary pixie dust to make this configuration practical.

My Office in Ladies’ Home Journal

My office is in the July ’12 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal! It was great to see my space featured along with the offices of two fellow bloggers: The Nester and I Heart Organizing.

You can read portions the article online (Dress Up Your Desk), or pick up the July 2012 issue. You can also enter to win a design consultation from me, which will later be featured on Ladies’ Home Journal’s website. (Good luck!)

Making it Lovely's Office in Ladies' Home Journal

The magazine used my photographs (yikes), and they had me rearrange the furniture slightly so that it would work for their layout. I kept it that way for a good six months before finally changing it back yesterday. Now I’m not so sure which way I like it better. Here’s another shot of it arranged the way the magazine’s art director requested it.

Making it Lovely's Home Office

What do you think? It does free up some space for the kids’ easel, but I felt a little boxed in, having the storage at my back. Also? Whoops, there’s a bit of a functionality problem.

Hello, big secret gaping hole!

Yep. Let that be your friendly reminder that sometimes things in magazines look fantastic from certain angles. Trickery!

My office originally looked like this, and mostly does again, but maybe a little less photo-ready.

Thanks again, Ladies’ Home Journal! It’s an honor. Now, if only you hadn’t confused me about the best layout for the room…

My Office in Ladies’ Home Journal

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