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My Organized Office Closet

Organizing the catch-all closet in my office was one of the tasks on my 30 Before Thirty list (item number 12).

It’s hard to tell, but one of those bookshelves was already there along the back of the closet. I put it against the right side instead and brought up one more from the basement. All of my copies of Lucky and Blueprint (along with a few other magazines and catalogs) fit along one shelf.

Office Closet Organization

Winter gloves, hats, and scarves are in the pink box on top of the bookshelf. There are also hooks above the shelves to hang a few things.

Office Closet Organization

I gathered my many IKEA shopping bags into one big bag (the red one), and corralled the rolls of vintage wallpaper into a big plastic container. The green and white bag holds some random decorative knickknacks.

Office Closet Organization

The coats are still hung along the left wall, along with my wedding dress at the back.

Office Closet Organization

The end result isn’t as pretty as my bedroom closet, but it’s so much better than it was. I didn’t spend any money either, though I would have liked to have all new, coordinating storage boxes. Some day I do plan to replace that bare light bulb, but that can wait for now.

Office Closet Organization

Have you tackled any similar projects lately (or are you going to now)? It’s not fun while you’re in the middle of working, but it’s so nice when you’re done!

Still Organizing the Closet

I had a few hours to work on the office closet while Eleanor was being watched yesterday afternoon, but it was not enough time to finish. I thought I could continue after putting Eleanor to bed, but no. She’s teething, getting five teeth at once (four of them molars), so she has been a wee bit cranky.

Still, the closet is looking so much better already from using the organizational odds and ends that I already had. Here’s a little inspiration though to check out while I continue working… How gorgeous are these Stockholm files? Lovely.

I’m Going In

I may not make it back out for a few hours… at least. This is item #12 on my 30 Before Thirty list: organize the catch-all closet in my office. Don’t you love how you can’t even see the floor? Wish me luck.

I'm Going In

Notable contents:

  • giant styrofoam ball
  • argyle dog sweater vest
  • every issue of Domino and Blueprint
  • IKEA catalogs dating back to 2002
  • five rolls of vintage wallpaper
  • acoustic guitar
  • my wedding dress
  • empty boxes to be recycled
  • embroidered Serge Gainsbourg pillow
  • vintage 50s fur coat that was given to me over a decade ago but that I have never, ever worn and probably never will because I feel weird in it
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