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My Organized Closet

Somehow, I can leave dishes in the sink (instead of loading the dishwasher that’s two feet away), and I’ll let random things pile up on the dining room table, but I am not someone that can shove a bunch of stuff behind closed doors and consider it “put away”. Yes, I DO that (I’m nowhere near perfect), but it bothers me and bothers me until I can go through and thoroughly clean and organize everything. So that’s what I did this weekend.

My closet is a freestanding wardrobe from IKEA. It’s nothing special from the outside, but everything fits inside. Clothes, shoes, hats, purses, jewelry… it’s all in there.

My Closet

My Closet

Here’s the overall layout:

My Closet Plan

I think I got rid of about half of my shoes when I cleaned everything out. I decided to only keep the shoes I really loved… the cute heels, the simple flats that go with everything. All the shoes I had been holding onto that hurt my feet or that I never wore just had to go. Now the shoes I have fit nicely in two drawers.

Shoes in My Closet

My boots go along the back, tucking behind my dresses.

Boots in My Closet

And speaking of dresses, here they are:

Dresses in My Closet

My jewelry and perfume used to be over by the bathroom, but I thought it made more sense to keep everything together with my clothes.


Brandon was a bit shocked at how much I was getting rid of, but I feel so much better. My sister took some of it, and all the rest was donated to charity. And now I’m nicely organized.

My Closet

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    May 14, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Your closet does look awesome! I have a lot of boots and one thing I noticed is your boots are standing up straight on the shelf behind your dresses. Don’t you have a problem with them tipping over when you move the dresses around? I kept mine on the floor and they were always falling over and looked messy so I bought these clips and hang them from one of the lower hang rods so the stay straight and neat without flopping over. Plus mine were actually getting crease marks where they folded over so hanging has worked better for me.

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    karen tolentino
    May 23, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Hey! I’m an OC person too! ;) Love your closet! So organized!!

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