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A Colorful Pain-in-the…

A new rug has once again entered our house. It’s cute and colorful! August likes it! Tiny Lego pieces get lost where the baby can crawl over and find/eat them or you step on them, ouch! I did not realize what a pain it would be to make sure there aren’t little tiny toys hidden, lying in wait. It’s not an impossible task but it is worth mentioning in case you’re looking for something similar. I imagine this would be a problem with most of the colorful options I was looking at, or with any heavily patterned rug.

Colorful Rag Rug

The bigger problem is that it’s a cheap rug, and that’s evident in the quality. Basically, it’s just a big 8×10 cotton rag rug, but even among rag rugs, quality varies. The little loops are continuously popping up and I have to tuck them back in or trim them. And of course I can’t use the vacuum’s beater brush, which may or may not be a problem in the long run. Returning a rug by mail is a pain, but the shipping both ways is free and I’m going to replace it with either this one or this one instead. The flat weave should last longer and be easier to keep clean, which is worth the hassle of swapping them out. It’s a disappointment and a minor setback, but it’s easily fixable.

Little Loops Sticking Out in a Rag Rug

A new desk is here too. (I sold the armchair to make room for it.) August requested red and the one I was going to order (#20 in the roundup) sold out before I grab one, so I went with one of the other options. It’s sturdy and solid and will stand up to little boy wear and tear, and the castors have locks on the front wheels. Plus, obscenely large pet cages fit beneath it, so bonus!

Guinea Pigs Take Up a LOT of Room

Eventually a chair and some sort of drawers/storage will go where the cage is, but August is happy to have the boy guinea pigs in his room right now and that’s the best place for them.

The new layout with the bed in front of the windows means we couldn’t use the sconce we had again as a bedside light. I spotted the windsor task floor lamp on clearance and I bought the store’s floor model, figuring it would work well as a replacement. The cord is part of its design, but the floor switch is annoying because you have to get out of bed to turn the light on or off. A plug-in dimmer switch will solve the problem.

Windsor Task Floor Lamp

How’s that old “to do” list shaping up?

To do:

  • paint the bed frame

  • upholster the headboard

  • no more bed rail

  • new rug return and replace the new rug

  • rearrange the furniture

  • repaint (maybe) (definitely)

  • add shelves above the radiator

  • more art

  • organize (and pare down) the toys

  • replace the light with a ceiling fan

20 Colorful Kids’ Desks and Chairs

The armchair in August’s room will soon be out of there. Nobody is sitting in it much (we read more in bed), and when I asked him if he would rather keep the chair or have a desk instead, he wanted a desk. Eleanor has one in her room, so of course August wants one too.

His bedroom has unpainted wooden trim, a wooden dresser, a black bookshelves. The bed will be upholstered, and the only other soft surface (the armchair) is being removed. I’ll be repainting and I’ve already added a more colorful rug, and I’m looking to bring in more color with the desk and chair. I found twenty options that can mix and match and when I showed them to August, and he said he wanted red. No, light blue. “No, all of them! Stack them up to the roof!”

A lot of help he is!

20 Colorful Kids' Desks and Chairs | Making it Lovely

With the exception of one desk (#3, which is over by ten dollars), everything here is under $200. Much of it is under $100.

  1. Commune Chair
    Bent plywood in red, green, blue, or black.

  2. Tobias Clear Chair
    This is also available in a clear version, but that lilac is unexpected in a wonderful way.

  3. Safavieh Bentley Writing Desk
    Industrial inspiration plus poppy color.

  4. Janinge Chair
    Comes in white too, but the yellow is much more fun.

  5. Pagoda Blue Evie Molded Dining Chair
    Knock-off Eames shell chairs. There are a million out there, or go for the licensed version in plastic or fiberglass.

  6. Homeroom Metal Desk Chair
    Teal, lime, pink, red, or white. The rolled front edge makes the chair more comfortable for longer periods of time.

  7. Student Desk with Open Front Metal Book Box
    A primary school classic that also comes in blue, but you have to order at least two.

  8. Expound Desk
    That modern trestle base is a fun detail on a well-priced desk. Available in several colors.

  9. Public Chair
    Just adorable. Eight wood and accent color combinations.

  10. Ideal II Chair
    Bent plywood chairs are always a nice go-to.

  11. Lucinda Stacking Chair
    Orange powdercoated iron. Super colorful and sturdy! Also comes in grey.

  12. Domino Desk Chair
    Such a great price for a design like this! Similar styles often go for much more from pricier stores. Choose green, gold, navy, or pink.

  13. Vilmar Melamine Chair
    These are usually bent wood, but the melamine makes this easier to wipe down and keep clean. Comes in several colors and patterns.

  14. Go Cart Mint Rolling Desk
    Similar to the other on this list, but less expensive and in a lovely mint color.

  15. Reidar Outdoor Aluminum Chair
    Metal chairs are wonderfully sturdy and indestructible. Choose from black, white, and yellow.

  16. Pony Peacock Chair
    I didn’t include a lot of fabric choices here on purpose, but I liked this one too much to pass up. Comes in a gray tweed too if you’re looking for something less colorful.

  17. IKEA PS 2014 Secretary Desk
    Toys and display space up top, hide everything else below! The zingy orange and modern design is great, too.

  18. Marais A Side Chair
    16 colors! We have these in our dining room, in gunmetal gray.

  19. Umbra OH! Arm Chair
    You know where the name comes from? You sit down and exclaim “OH!” when you realize how comfy it is.

  20. Red Josephine Desk
    X-bases for the win. Plus a fold-down drawer!

And We’re Back

This week flew by! We were in Wisconsin for a while and got back a few days ago. We had fun! The kids swam in the lake all day! Boat rides! Family time! I was bitten by a tick! (OK, that last one was not one of the fun parts.)

Vintage "ESCAPE" Bag

Randomness, ahoy!

I’m just about done with a recap of my sister’s bridal shower and I thought I’d have it up yesterday, but it will go up on Monday instead. I’m meeting with her tomorrow to learn how her bustle works, which is a funny thing to type.

On guinea pig watch: I think we’ve got one girl and two boy babies but I could be completely wrong. I’ll take them to the exotic animals vet to double check, but they said it’s too early for them to tell right now.

I’m going to repaint August’s room — I’ve officially decided. That green has no joy in it.

Still thinking and thinking about the kitchen. I’ll be taking photos and drawing up measurements soon, and I’m looking to find someone for a consultation. (Any suggestions?) I have an idea of what I want to do, but I would love a shoot for the moon option too. I suspect it is way beyond the scope of what we could do right now to open up the walls, reconfigure things, add access to the yard, new cabinetry, flooring, blah blah blah… but it would be nice to explore the idea with an experienced kitchen designer.

The Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is this Sunday! I’m thinking of going bright and early. Anyone else going?

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