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Six Designs Inspired by Stone

I’ve been working with Floor & Decor on a few posts for the blog around the three main things they carry: wood, tile, and stone. I’ve already shared my experience with wood (and bamboo), and six designs inspired by ceramic and porcelain tiles. Today, I’m sharing another six designs, but this time inspired by stone. I went to my local Floor & Decor and picked up a whole bunch of my favorites, then came home and played around with paint swatches, wallpaper samples, and other elements to create different designs.

Travertine Tile

A lot of people, myself included, hear “travertine” and think “nineties.” It was used everywhere it seems, and it can read as boring (or worse, dated). It has a lovely, earthy quality to it though, and when paired with sharp contrast and/or vivid color, it serves as an organic element to ground a room.

Travertine Tile with Black, White, Gold, and Vivid Green Accents

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Basketweave Marble Tile

Classic. More formal than subway and hexagon tile, but versatile in the same way. It would look stunning in a room with white walls and white painted woodwork, letting the tile be the star, but it could easily take a supporting role too.

Marble Basketweave Tile Design Board

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Slate and Marble Mix

These two almost match, but because they’re different materials, they play off of each other and are more interesting. A change in scale helps too. I would use slate for the floor and line the walls of a glass-enclosed shower with the mosaic marble, then bring in a muted color for the walls. The silver beetle here is representing silver finishes, but go ahead and add a random bug object too. Why not?

Slate and Marble Tile Design

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Geometric Marble Mosaic Tile

Cute, cute, cute. The geometry of the tile with all of its squares and triangles is cut by the looser style of the floral wallpaper. Paint the ceiling pale pink. Bring in a vintage dresser and cut the top for a sink, freshening the whole thing up with a glossy coat of paint. Boom — the most adorable bathroom.

Marble Mosaic Tile and Rifle Paper Co. Peonies Wallpaper

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Gray Marble Chevron/Herringbone Tile

They’re calling this “chevron” but it’s really herringbone. Either way, it’s a classic pattern that went through a huge resurgence in popularity over the last, what, five to seven years? Done in a single color (of marble, in this case), it resists being pegged as trendy. Play off of that with a mix of trendy-right-now blue and white chinoiserie and more simply patterned fabrics. Grayish blue on the walls pulls the whole look together.

Chevron Marble Tile with Blue and White Chinoiserie

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Graphic Basketweave Marble Tile

You can’t quite make it out from the sample of the wallpaper here, but those are surveillance cameras hidden among the flowers and butterflies. Brilliant, right? The perfect kind of quirk to bring to a bathroom with pink fixtures. Update the walls, bring in a little dark paint on a wooden mirror, use a mosaic on the floor that’s a nod to the designs of the fifties (but much more chic), and leave the pastel tub, toilet, and sink.

Pink Surveillance Camera Wallpaper with Gray and White Marble Mosaic Tile and Pink Bathroom Fixtures

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Do you find yourself drawn more to natural materials like stone, or do you like the options that ceramic and porcelain tiles make possible? I’m more often drawn to the latter category, but then aren’t we all smitten with marble?

Pink, Brass, Marble, Repeat

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Alternate title: Photoshop is Fun!

You saw the library last week, yes? The rug was on loan for a styling competition and it’s already on its way back, but the chairs that were supposed to be temporary are going to stick around for a bit longer. They’ve actually come in handy and the kids really like them! Well, that, and I totally lost the tags and receipt. What’s up, new chairs?

Making it Lovely | Anastasia Loloi Rug

No, I didn’t intend to keep them. I picked them up in the first place because they were:

  • the right color
  • cute
  • in stock
  • affordable
  • returnable

But also:

  • the wrong finish (those silver legs)
  • don’t look inviting / right for a library
  • too modern / not interesting enough = looks cheap in context

They’re staying, for now, but I wouldn’t hesitate to sell them off at a steep discount. My loss, my mistake.

And here’s the thing. You know how you might kind of suspect something (ooh, those chairs aren’t as good as they could be), and then you have this weird job where your house and everything you do to it and put in it is shown to tens of thousands of people every day?* And then the choice you were least confident is indeed the thing people pick up on and don’t like? Yeah, that.

“They don’t really go with anything in the room and seem like nothing more than a last minute attempt to add a vibrant color to a relatively toned down room as well as looking like they ran out of money right at the end.”

Oof. I know. So here’s a little peek behind the curtain at what I would have really wanted to do for the rug shoot, had time and money not been a factor. (Aren’t those always the deciding factors?)

* Psst: I do love this job. I can take constructive criticism just fine (or worse), so I’m not complaining! Plus there were plenty of lovely, nice, complimentary comments as well. But you have to admit, it is a weird position to be in, right?

First up, the Roadhouse Leather Chair from CB2. I’ve written about these before, and a few other similar options. I would have gone with these, had they been in stock. It’s a lot of brown, but the leather adds a different texture that I like a lot.

Roadhouse Leather Chairs, CB2

Continuing on in that vein, we have another leather option. This time, the Baldwin Armchair from Jayson Home. I wouldn’t have been all that interested, having only seen them on the site, but in person they’re fantastic. Great scale, rich leather, just a nice, versatile chair.

Baldwin Leather Chair, Jayson Home

That Eames rocker in the background does not go well with these. Ignore it. (It didn’t make the final shot anyway.)

How about some Wishbone chairs? I’ve always liked the look of them.

Wegner Wishbone Chairs

Nice, but they’re not really working here. Hoffman Prague chairs instead? Those are great too.

Hoffman Prague Chairs

I like those. Definitely more “dining room” than “library” but that’s OK. I was staging it with glasses and plates. Thonet, windsor chairs (and modern interpretations like West Elm’s Scissor Spindle dining chair) — they all have a similar feel, just a tweak to the overall look. We’ve got a lot of mockups happening already here; let’s move on to something different!

Stripes! I may sell the striped sofa at some point (too long for the space). Go with these instead?

Anthropologie Grassland Striped Dining Chairs

I like them, but I don’t love them. Maybe a couple of these hostess wingback chairs from World Market. They’re a little larger, so just a pair instead of four.

World Market Wingback Hostess Chairs

The color isn’t really working with that rug. Something darker, but still with some blue to reference the sofa. Like this.

World Market Wingback Hostess Chairs and a Loloi Journey Rug

Ah, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of the shoot then, doesn’t it!

OK, we’re getting closer. I like the wingback and I like the upholstery, but it needs to be a different color. Restoration Hardware offers some nice fabric options, and I’m fond of their 1940s Wingback side chair. In blue? Charcoal? Mustard velvet! (OK, I’m probably the only one that really likes mustard/ochre/shades of brown/tons of wood. But so what? I’ll own it if I love it and nobody else does.)

Restoration Hardware 1940s Wingback Fabric Side Chair

Except those are all custom orders, and they would take too long. Plus, then they’re ours for keeps and whoa whoa whoa, what’s all this talk about commitment?

What’s that, Target? Your cute chairs are $40, the right color, and you have them all in stock ready to go home with me immediately? All right then, sold. And since I’m a scatterbrain lately, they can stay for now. At least it won’t sting too badly when the kids inevitably drop a marker on one of them while coloring — although that only ever seems to happen with the super nice things you pine and save for.

Now on to the important stuff. Which chairs are your favorite? And did you know that after making a bunch of these and coming across a chair I wanted to mockup that didn’t have the necessary alternate angles, I briefly thought I could turn it around in Photoshop so we could see more of the front?

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