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A Guess at the Plan for the Bathroom

A guess, because the design is tentatively based on the only design we can see from the upcoming line of wallpaper by Rifle Paper Co. for Hygge & West. There are more patterns to come in May!

The bathroom on the second floor is nice, just not to my taste. There is fruit-themed wallpaper, hunter green on a mottled tan background, with a green and maroon border, and a yellow faux-finish on the claw foot tub. The bones of the room are good though, and I’ve been happy to not do much in there until inspiration came along. Inspiration came along. Last Friday, I immediately started scheming up a design plan featuring the new wallpaper line.

Rifle Paper Co. Hygge and West Wallpaper Bathroom Design #makingitlovely

  1. Dean Stockwell in ‘The Boy with Green Hair,’
    I’ve not seen the movie, but I love this as a photograph.

  2. Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper, Hygge & West
    I could easily work with this yellow and green design, but the full line will be out May 19 with more options.

  3. My Bathroom
    Brass and antique fixtures, ahoy!

  4. Brass Bathroom Waste Basket, Target
    Yep, more brass. I picked this up a while ago, so it’s already in the room.

  5. Fleur-de-Lys Juice Glass, Anthropologie
    I moved all of the toothbrushes to the inside of the medicine cabinet, so I’m on the lookout for tumblers small enough to fit into the holders on the sink. These may be too delicate, but they are adorable.

  6. Large Hicks Pendant, Circa Lighting
    I’m dying to use one in this house, and the bathroom could be the perfect spot. I do still have the small oval and brass pendant from Eleanor’s room though, which could be a good (free) option.

  7. Row Stripe Towel, West Elm
    Stripes are always welcome.

  8. Martini Side Table in Antique Brass, West Elm
    I bought this originally for the vintage bathroom in our first house and then didn’t use it there because the room was too small. The bathroom’s a little larger in this house though, and it fits perfectly.

  9. Schoolhouse Numbered Hooks, Pottery Barn
    These are up, and you’ve seen them already because I used ‘em to announce baby number three!

  10. Pharmacy Accessories in Amber Glass, Restoration Hardware
    The sink has a built-in (unfortunately shell-shaped) spot for the soap, but I like the look of these for the room.

  11. Painted Claw Foot Tub
    I’ll choose a color for the tub from the wallpaper, like this lovely green.

Two more months! I’m so eager to get started!

The Bathroom on the Third Floor

It’s looking cute.

Bathroom with Wall Vases #makingitlovely

The black rubber-coated soap pump is the only thing that hasn’t made an appearance elsewhere on the blog, as far as I know. I think I bought it to use when I was redoing the main floor bathroom in the last house, but I ended up using a glass soap dispenser there instead. In this bathroom though? Perfect.

Black, White, and Wood Bathroom #makingitlovely

The towel is hanging from a hook that I’m reusing from the bathroom on the second floor. I have the green vintage wastecan from the half-bath that we added to the last house, and the man and woman bathroom sign vases are back, too. They aren’t always filled with fresh flowers, but let’s pretend they are.

Bathroom Details #makingitlovely

Same with the little black pitcher next to the sink. Hello, little white flowers! Hello, nice-smelling eucalyptus!

Bathroom Flowers Near the Sink #makingitlovely

The green bowl was also from that bathroom, along with the white first aid box. (The kids’ wipes are inside.)

Bathroom First Aid Kit

I removed a medicine cabinet that was mounted above the toilet. I was going to hang some art in its place (photography, probably), but I tried it out with a placeholder print and it felt too busy between the mirror and the window. Something small, or a small grouping, could be cute. That’s the kind of thing I’ll keep in mind moving forward — if I see something, great! If not, no rush.

Bathroom Wide Shot #makingitlovely

The mirror silver is nicely aged. This isn’t a bathroom that we use for getting ready, so a crystal clear image isn’t necessary.

Antique Bathroom Mirror and Brass Sconces #makingitlovely

The black and white polka dot shower curtain was in the first house. Even with a wide angle lens, it’s difficult to get a good shot, but it looks great in the space.

Bathroom, Shot from the Hall #makingitlovely

I’ve been crazy about the combination of black, white, and wood for some time now, so this bathroom is making me pretty happy. The simple palette tones down the playfulness of the polka dots too, and I love them in there. No need to take things too seriously when decorating, right?

The Upstairs Bathroom

There are plenty of things I could change about this bathroom. But I have no immediate plans to do so.

Making it Lovely's Bathroom with Antique Marble Sink

Design blogs, magazines, and Pinterest make us want our houses to be bigger/better/prettier/newer. Staged and ready at all times for a photo shoot. And as a design blogger, I’ve probably contributed to that. You aren’t seeing the mess behind me when I take detail shots. You aren’t seeing the stack of mail and boxes to be taken out for recycling that are in the next room over. Those things are not pretty, and they are not what page views are made of, and there is pressure (self-induced and otherwise) to move on to the next project. Gotta keep those clicks coming! (Note: I may be dramatizing bit here. Gotta keep those clicks coming!)

So with that in mind, I worked really hard on this reveal. I made sure the flushable toddler wipes were positioned just so next to the froggy potty.

Froggy Potty

I even had the kids create one of their art installations. We’re always surprised by the ever-changing displays they create, and today’s featured a dino in a dump truck. They didn’t even know I’d be photographing it! My darling children are pure artists not motivated by exposure and audience, but by the pleasure of creating. Clearly they are geniuses.

Dino in a Dump Truck

Our towels are blue, because they were blue at the last house. Because we had a blue bathtub. They are still blue because they are towels and they perform their function.

Blue Towels and Brass Sailing Ship Hook

My toothbrush and Brandon’s are in the medicine cabinet, but we leave the kids’ out so they can access them without help. I could have bought beautiful wooden toothbrushes, but don’t Dora and Tigger, and the garish colors add so much to the scene?

Kids' Toothbrushes

Who out there loves keeping way too many bath toys next to the tub? Us too.

Faux-Finished Clawfoot Bathtub

And do you like our lantern? It works half the time! It really draws your eye up too, so you can appreciate the wallpaper border.

Antique Lantern

I’ve complemented the lighting nicely with this very serious night light (by the awesome Matt and Kellee Milner).

Kids' Night Light

And actually, the sconces do work. So does the toilet.

Pull-Chain Antique Toilet

What else, what else? Oh right, we also have a window. We’ve left the embroidered half-curtain hanging.

Embroidered Window Curtains

Someday, I probably will make some updates to this bathroom, because decorating is fun and it’s something that I love to do. It seems silly though, that until the day came when I was ready to tackle the wallpaper or change the tub’s finish, you wouldn’t have heard a word about this room. It is a really nice bathroom and there is nothing wrong with it (well, aside from the wiring in that light). I’m guilty of focusing too often on what’s wrong, what needs to be changed, and what I want to buy, and I don’t want that to be the only narrative. This is how a space that we use everyday in our home looks, and I like it.

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