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Slightly Off-putting Art for a Bathroom

I’ve been making a few changes to our bathroom. I feel like it needs some art on the walls, but I don’t think it should be too serious. There was a photo that used to hang in my uncle’s house that I loved, and he has said that we can have it if he can find it, so fingers crossed for that. If it doesn’t come up in his search though, I’m thinking it’s going to be something along these lines…


But not that funny. Let’s call them mildly amusing.
Bathroom Art: Funny

  • Look at those puppies!
    Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, at Cruft’s Dog Show, Terence Spencer

  • Look out behind you!
    Fist Fight, Red, Dadu Shin

  • Nature calls.
    Collocation No. 14 (NATURE) Left Panel, Mickey Smith

  • Ooh, that smell. Can’t you smell that smell?
    Knuba, 2010 by Alex Kostinskyi


Because I also think the idea of a bunch of people watching you when you step out of the shower is funny.
Bathroom Art: Portraits

Slightly Off-putting

Some of these are strange in and of themselves, and others only by context. Certain imagery is just a little ‘off’ in the loo.
Bathroom Art: Slightly Offputting

  • I love the idea of a nude, but thought better of it because of the kids. I’m not worried about my kids, but more about their friends. Is that a strange concern to have? The Balch House: gateway to sin for the youth of Oak Park. Anyway, I love this one, but the eye contact is a little intense.
    Untitled (Suzie Hedge), 2006 by Brandon Herman

  • Do you really want to think about food in a bathroom?
    Chocolate Electric, Martha Rich

  • I see you.
    Mask, Jennifer Ament

  • A family of five, just like mine! Oh, wait. This family might not be “just like mine.”
    Family, T. Huybers

  • Yeah, they really want you. They really want you, and I do too. (Hey, this one can hang next to the cake! Think anyone would get it?)
    Day 260: Baby Doll Hands by Lisa Congdon

  • Again, think of the children.
    Drawings for 3 Rooms in Your Home: #1 by Steve Lambert

Funny and Slightly Off-putting People

It’s everything I love in one! (Can you tell this is my favorite category?)
Bathroom Art: Theme

  • Shhhh!
    British Children Playing Outdoor Games in London Suburbs, Terence Spencer

  • I’m not familiar with her (she’s an actor, says her Wiki), but this photo is fantastic.
    Lynn Redgrave Making a Face, Terence Spencer

  • What’s not to love about this?
    Women Holding Giant Masks, Bettmann

Neutrals Plus Pink for the Downstairs Bathroom

I usually keep a few plain white towels on a Thonet chair next to the sink in our downstairs bathroom, but I loved the stack of coral towels that the stylist swapped them out for during our shoot last week. She also hung one of my own pink towels (number three, below) on the wall to cover an outlet. Think it’s safe to do that for real life? Wet hands + kids + electricity… it doesn’t sound like the smartest idea. Would it be overkill to use a weatherproof outlet cover (they’re ugly, but it wouldn’t be seen), or would we just rely on the gfci outlet to do its job? Either way, I’m planning on picking up a few new towels for the bathroom to bring back in some more color.

Pink and Coral Towels for the Bathroom

  1. Fouta Bath Towels (Juice), Serena & Lily

  2. Fouta Color Block Towels (Coral/Melon), Serena & Lily

  3. Honeycomb Tassel Hammam Hand Towel (Rose Bisque), West Elm
    These look great, but they are very thin.

  4. Threshold Textured Floral Bath Towels (Coral Island), Target

  5. Woven Ombré Towels (Coral), Anthropologie

  6. Channel Pink Towels, CB2

  7. Threshold Textured Damask Hand Towel (Pink), Target

A reminder: This is what our bathroom looked like when we moved in. Perfectly neutral and vintagey and lovely.

Bathroom, First Floor

Bathroom, First Floor

The room doesn’t need much, but while I’m at it, I figured I’d make a few other changes too. The extra-long silk shower curtain there now has seen better days and it’s time for a replacement, along with a new bath mat. Everything but the towels will be neutral, but I’m not against bringing in a little texture or pattern.

Bathroom with Neutral Accessories

  1. Painterly Stripe Shower Curtain, Schoolhouse Electric

  2. Vintage-Washed Belgian Linen Shower Curtain, Restoration Hardware
    Comes in tons of colors, including many neutral shades.

  3. Iron Shower Curtain Rings, Anthropologie

  4. Black and White Apothecary Bath Accessories (Wastebasket), Pottery Barn

  5. Black and White Apothecary Bath Accessories (Soap Pump), Pottery Barn

  6. Antique Thonet Chair

  7. B&W Wall Hook, Anthropologie

  8. Ella Hook (Antique Brass Finish), Pottery Barn

  9. Fringed Hand-Loomed Rug (Taupe), Pottery Barn

  10. Cotton Woven Bath Rug, Restoration Hardware
    Again, many colors (including plenty of neutral options) are available.

Which combination of shower curtain, rug, and towels would you go for?

Further Plans for the Bathroom

As opposed to the guess I made a couple of months ago. I got so excited when I heard about the Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper collaboration with Hygge & West that it inspired a design plan for the bathroom, but I’ve tweaked it a bit since then and am happier with the new direction it’s heading in.

Before the complete collection launched, only one design was shown: Rosa, in yellow.. After everything became available last week, I ordered samples of some of my favorites and was somewhat surprised when I liked the Rosa pattern in persimmon best. The color is vivid, but it looks great in the room. The plan on the left is the original, and the one on the right is mostly the same, but with a pink bathtub to complement the blooms in the wallpaper.

Bathroom Plans with Rifle Paper Co. Hygge & West Wallpaper #makingitlovely

Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper Samples

Super cute, but that was the problem. A little too cute. I feel like it would have been a great fit in our first house, but here I feel myself pulled in a different design direction. While at the Merchandise Mart yesterday to pick up a gallon of paint, I stopped in several showrooms to look at wallpaper. After trying out some new pattern samples, here’s where I’m at with the design now.

Bathroom Plan with Black Cole & Son Wallpaper and a Black Clawfoot Tub #makingitlovely
Sources: 1234567891011

The paper is Summer Lily in black, white, and bronze from Cole & Son. I had the brass stool from the last house, and I’ve already added the trash can, bathmat, art, and two of those striped hand towels to this bathroom. The hooks were added semi-recently too, so the only things I would still need to change are the color of the bathtub, the light, and the wallpaper.

I painted the pedestal tub in the last house dark grey, and here I think black will be fantastic. The Hicks pendant may wait a bit because I’m going to give the old light from Eleanor’s room a try first. It isn’t bad, and it’s free. The biggest expense will be from the wallpaper, and even that will only be a few hundred dollars since we can hang it ourselves. The cost is worth it for such a big impact.

Cole & Son Summer Lily Wallpaper in the Bathroom| Making it Lovely

The bathroom could have waited (truly, it didn’t bother me much), but I feel like this is a good area to take on right now because the finish line is easily within sight. Timing though, may get tricky. The wallpaper has to be ordered, and then I’m leaving soon on a trip. When I get back, I’ll be about six months pregnant and while I hung wallpaper at five months along before, that was back when I was a spry young whippersnapper and I’m not sure if I’ll be physically up to it a month from now. Hopefully, but I only started feeling better recently and it may be a short window.

Anyway, I’m curious about how you like the wallpaper. Do you? It’s got that ugly/pretty thing going on that I tend to like, but I have a feeling a lot of you would prefer the cute Rosa pattern (or something else)!

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