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The Victorian House: Laundry Room and Basement

You might want to shield your eyes for this part of the house tour. We’re heading down to the basement.

Stairs to the Basement

The laundry room is missing the part that makes it functional. You know, the washer and dryer? They weren’t included with the sale of the house (they were old coin-operated models), and so we had to get new ones. I’ve already ordered a set, and they’re scheduled for delivery on Friday.

Basement Laundry Room

I thought that there was a spot on the third floor that would make for a nicer laundry room (we miss our last one), but now I’m second-guessing that option. Some of you left comments about the potential rumbling/rocking/swaying action, and that was confirmed by the salesman when I bought our appliances. I guess washers and dryers are made for basements, not the third floor of Victorians from the late 1800s. But maybe the second floor? More investigation will be necessary.

Hey, look! A treasure chest!

Random Treasure Chest

I don’t know why it’s there either. Here’s the rest of the basement.




A safe! Another chest!

Safe, Chest

Had enough? Me too. We’re fine with it remaining an unfinished basement and just using it for storage. There’s plenty of living space elsewhere in the house. Speaking of which… more prettiness tomorrow, including the kids’ favorite spot.