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Our New Mattress

The stairs in this house don’t make it easy to get anything large up to the second floor. A traditional spring mattress? Only if it’s a twin size. Anything larger and it needs to be foam so it can round the corner on its way up. A mattress that arrives magically compressed into a box that’s smaller than me? Ideal.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa ships their mattresses, for free, rolled up in a box that makes it easy to transport. The mattresses are made in America, with three foam layers: the bottom is dense foam for support, with a 2″ layer of memory foam in the middle that contours to the body, and then a 2″ layer of Avena® (similar to latex) that adds bounce and keeps the mattress from feeling too hot.

Because they’re a direct-to-consumer company, they can offer lower prices than brands typically bought through nationwide showrooms. Yep, this means that you’re buying a mattress online without ever having slept on it, but they offer a 100 night risk-free trial period. If you don’t like it, they’ll arrange for the mattress to be picked up and recycled or donated. Leesa also has a charitable component to their business; for every 10 mattresses they sell, one is donated to a homeless shelter or others in need.

I was easily able to get a king-sized Leesa mattress setup by myself. Gif time! Enjoy.

Leesa Mattress Unboxing

* A few people have asked about the box spring in the comments, so I thought I’d better add the info to the post itself. It’s actually just a foundation (no springs), it is indeed one piece, and I had to build it in the room. It’s not needed for the mattress, but it is necessary for the bed I ordered. *

I like shopping for bedding — looking for colors and patterns that will mix well with the linens we already have, and giving the bedroom a little update every time I swap out the sheets or change the throw pillows. Heading out to go mattress shopping though? Not so fun. Being able to order a luxury mattress online is so much nicer.

Forty Winks

If you’re in the market for a new mattress and want to go with Leesa, the first 30 readers to redeem promo code MAKINGITLOVELY at checkout will get $75 off.

Hello, Quincy

Spoiler alert: I bought the Quincy bed from Ethan Allen.

Quincy Bed from Ethan Allen

And now, the thought process behind the purchase.

Our Hoffman bed from Room & Board was great. If we weren’t changing sizes from a queen to a king, we would have kept it, and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for something upholstered. That said, I figured that if we’re about to get something new, it would be fun to switch things up a bit and go for something else.

Not a brass bed. Too on the nose with the Victorian. Nothing too mid-century modern either. As much as I love the style, I don’t like it as much for this house. I love a good Jenny Lind and I’m still glad we bought one for Eleanor, but wouldn’t it be weird to have matching mother/daughter beds? (E has one for her doll, too.)

Turned wood though — we’re getting closer! I do like all those antiquey cannonball and four poster beds.

Painted Red Cannonball Bed, Martha Stewart

Antique Spindle Bed

Antique Four Poster Bed
Images: Martha Stewart, Royal Design Studio, Country Living

I featured the Quincy in a past edition of Making it Yours. The bed was definitely the star of that look, and I immediately thought of it as a possibility for the bedroom. Knowing you like something in general and knowing it’s the right piece for a specific spot are two different things, but yep. That bed would look amazing in this house. It’s expensive though, so I started looking around at other options. Maybe there was something out there that was even better? Or the same look for less?

Four Poster, Cannonball, and Other Decorative Beds

  1. Washed Wood Bed, Anthropologie
    Maybe too simple? Compared to the other options, it is.

  2. Soraya Four Poster Bed by Bebe Furniture, Wayfair
    Nice, but do I really want a four poster bed?

  3. New Haven Maple Tall Cannonball Bed, ShaKa Studios
    Three wood finishes and several headboard shapes to choose from.

  4. Spindle Bed, Rosenberry Rooms
    Really cute. Twenty colors and wood finishes to choose from.

  5. Avignon Headboard, Serena & Lily
    I’ve featured this one on the blog before and I love it, but it only comes in a queen size.

  6. Cordevalle Santa Rosa Four Poster Bed by Universal Furniture, Wayfair
    Another four poster. The Holcomb Bed from Horchow is identical, or nearly so.

  7. Cambridge Bed, Serena & Lily
    I would like something like this more for one of the boys’ bedrooms.

  8. Claudette Headboard, Ballard Designs
    Nice curves, but I think I would get tired of putting a bird on it.

  9. Stinson Wood Bed, Pottery Barn
    The barley twist posts are paired with a simple curved headboard to keep them from going too fussy/traditional.

  10. Barrett Poster Bed, Ethan Allen
    Those are some good-looking pencil posts.

Lots of options. There were more too, but those were the tops and I didn’t love any of them like I did the Quincy. Which brings us to the lookalike: the Soraya Regency Panel Bed by Bebe Furniture, from Wayfair.

Quincy Bed Knockoff or Lookalike

And actually, there are plenty of lookalikes out there, but that was the most similar one I came across. They’re all, Quincy included, modeled after antique cannonball beds (which you can still find, but almost always in smaller sizes). That particular one was less expensive, but only available in white (I wanted black), I didn’t like the added trim along the top of the headboard and footboard, the spindles aren’t as interesting, and it doesn’t have the small brass details. At that point, it seemed worth it to go for the bed style and color I wanted all along. Since the Quincy is currently on sale for 15% off, it was only a difference of a couple hundred dollars; kind of a drop in the bucket when you’re already looking at a pretty pricey purchase.

Quincy Bed, Ethan Allen

The Quincy Bed from Ethan Allen

We went to check it out in person, and then placed the order. No word on when it’s arriving quite yet, but when it does get here, we’ll likely have to hoist the headboard up over the back porch to get it up to the second floor. Should be fun! Should be worth it though, too. It’s the kind of bed that can go country, traditional, whimsical, modern, or classic, depending on the bedding, furniture, and surroundings. The kind of bed we can be happy with for a long time.

See Ya, Bed

Oh, hey there, empty bedroom. Why not throw another room into the started-but-not-yet-finished mix?

The Bed is Gone

A couple of things happened at the same time. The first is that a mattress company reached out, interested in working together on a post (which will go up next week). Brandon and I bought our queen-sized upholstered Hoffman bed from Room & Board back in 2007 when we moved in to the bungalow. While it has held up beautifully, but both our family and our bedroom are larger now. A king-sized bed has been on the wish list for a couple of years and I figured if we were going to get a new mattress, we might as well take the opportunity now to make the switch to a king.

Then while we were considering the new mattress, our friends’ bed broke. They were thinking of either finding a bed on Craigslist or picking something up from IKEA, and when we mentioned that we were thinking of selling ours, they said they’d take it. We gave them the ol’ friend discount, and we brought it over yesterday (leaving us with a temporarily empty bedroom).

So… we’re updating the bathroom on the third floor. August’s room is being redone. The kitchen is getting a new stove at the very least. Another bathroom is waiting on electrical work to be done so we can wallpaper. The wood flooring in the hallway still needs to be completed (it’s also waiting on electrical work). And now we’re changing up the bedroom, at least a little with a new bed.

Since so many things are in flux, I’m trying to step back and keep the whole house in mind so that it’s cohesive. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying about decorating that “if you love it, you’ll find a place for it,” and it’s true to an extent. You also have to be a good editor though, because if you’re anything like me, you can love four thousand chairs and a good number of rugs — doesn’t mean you’ll find a place for it all! It’s a balance of taking stock of what you have and what you need, planning ahead, and leaving room for serendipity. I don’t have the bedroom all planned out yet, but I have chosen a bed. I’m going to put together the foundation now so we’ll have a mattress to sleep on tonight, but I’ll put together a post soon about which bed I chose and why, along with the other close-but-not-quite options I considered. I overthought the process, as usual. It’s what I do.

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