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At a Snail’s Pace

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Our bedroom has been a work in progress for a long time now. In the beginning of last year, I wrote about how I was hoping to make the bed more often (because I’m terrible about getting in the habit), and I talked a bit about the search for curtains and art. Progress has been slow since then, but even though I look around and see all of the projects I want to tackle, the room is actually looking pretty good.

Making it Lovely's Bedroom

I picked up this fringed wall art to go above the antique dresser. I’d hung those two small paintings with a third initially, but the overall effect was that they looked bitsy. They needed one larger piece to anchor the grouping, and this was an inexpensive way to get in on the woven wall hangings trend. The metallic strands that are woven in are particularly nice, and there’s a larger version available too.

Nate Berkus Fringed Wall Hanging Over an Antique Dresser | Making it Lovely

Nate Berkus Fringed Wall Hanging | Making it Lovely

The little bird is an encaustic painting by Amy Ruppel, and the other was a commission by Paul Ferney (from this photo!). I’d still like to add more art to the bedroom, especially over the bed, but obviously I’m not in a rush. I like the vintage “dying flowers” (as Brandon coined) painting hung asymmetrically over the bed.

Vintage Painting Over the Bed | Making it Lovely

I’m trying to pull off the ‘I made the bed but it’s disheveled on purpose’ look that all the cool kids are doing these days. Successful? Not sure, but I do like the mix of color, pattern, and texture in the bedding. I had the throw pillows on hand and they’re no longer available, but the quilt and patterned sheets are. They pair nicely with a linen duvet (similar) and chunky knit throw blanket.

Bedding | Making it Lovely

Curtains would soften the windows and cut down on the abundant wood tones in the room. I get overwhelmed with possibilities sometimes; plain white, a small scale pattern, subtle stripes, or something darker would all look good. I ought to just pick a direction and go with it. Maybe by this time next year, eh? That seems to be my pace in here!

Making it Lovely's Bedroom

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This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.

Keeping Snacks at Hand

This is my view when I wake up every morning. My ‘bubble’ water bottle (twee heart with a secret snarky message, ha!), prenatal vitamins (because I’ll forget if they aren’t right there), a constantly changing stack of things to read, an alarm clock, and a snack.

Bedside Table


I’ve been keeping a snack by my bedside because while most of the queasiness of early pregnancy has passed by now, I feel better if I keep a little something in my stomach. For a while it was the Dark Cocoa Almonds from NatureBox, but lately I’ve been preferring their Blueberry Almond Bites. Of course the kids don’t understand why I get to break the ‘no food upstairs’ rule; they want to keep their favorites in their rooms, too.

Bedside Snack

And we do all have our favorites! NatureBox is a subscription service with free shipping that delivers healthy snacks monthly. We switch up our choices sometimes, but Eleanor also likes the Blueberry Almond Bites, Brandon is partial to the Santa Fe Corn Sticks, and August is happy to have some Cherry Berry Bonanza.

NatureBox Snacks


Everything from NatureBox is made from wholesome ingredients (no HFCS, partially hydrogenated oils, or trans fats, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors), and you can change what you receive each month to stick with your favorites or try new goodies. You can also choose the right-sized package for you (Deluxe, Happy, and Smart Snacker, with 5, 10, and 20 bags, respectively), and each bag has 3-5 servings in it. NatureBox is offering a 50% off discount to new customers for their first box (making the Deluxe Snacker package only $9.95) if you use the code LOVELY.

NatureBox Snacks

NatureBox is giving 2 winners each a free 6-month Deluxe Snacker subscription! The giveaway is open to US readers with a US shipping address only, and to enter, you can browse NatureBox’s snacks and leave a comment below by midnight CDT, June 4 with the variety you’d most like to try. Good luck!


I’d ordered curtain rods for the bedroom and its adjacent room a while back, and I finally got those up a few days ago. Brandon and the kids were having problems with glare on the TV at certain times, so we needed to be able to block some light during the day. I don’t have curtains for the room yet though (because its future is uncertain while we plan the nursery’s location), so I hung a couple of mismatched, too-short curtains.

Were you wondering if this room could look any worse? Ta da! I did it!

A Mish Mash of a Room

The rods look stupid-high in the picture (I’m aware), but they do look all right in context. Or at least I think they will, with matching curtains in the right length, and some paint on the walls. I’m considering painting out that picture rail too, though I haven’t decided yet. It’s in a weird place, it doesn’t align with the others, and it isn’t original. And something is wrong with either those rods or the finials. They’re from the same line but the screw posts are not long enough for the threads to catch. I had the same problem with one of the finials in Eleanor’s room, but I thought it was a fluke (because 3 out of 4 were fine).

Anyway! The reason I haven’t committed to curtains yet is that if we are keeping that room open to the master bedroom, the curtains should match or compliment each other between the two spaces. A solid color in a slubby, textured fabric could be nice, but then I do love the opportunity to use a good pattern. Here are a few options that would work with the rug and bedding we already have.

Patterned Curtain Options
top row: 123 // center: lampbedbeddingrug // bottom row: 123

I may do a pattern in the adjoining room and a solid in the bedroom to keep things from looking too busy, or just go all out with print. What do you think?

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