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Easy Fixes Around the House

I hadn’t heard of Sugru until recently, but as I looked into it a bit, it seemed like pretty useful stuff to have around the house. It’s a moldable glue that you work with kind of like play dough. It sticks to just about everything and cures overnight, turning into flexible rubber with a strong hold.

I realized after looking at some of its uses that it would be perfect for fixing the toothbrush holder on our sink’s backsplash. We aren’t using the holders for our toothbrushes (I put a couple of glass tumblers in them because they seemed odd when empty), but the right one was loose when we moved in and time has only made it worse. One screw won’t fully tighten because it’s stripped, and the other doesn’t even catch the threads! I’d thought about fixing it with superglue but I didn’t want to do anything that couldn’t be reversed since the sink is an antique. Sugru is removable from nonporous surfaces, so even though I don’t plan on taking it apart, it’s nice to know that I could if I wanted to. I used about half a packet to make a little ball, putting it behind the backplate of the toothbrush holder before reattaching it. Done! It’s even waterproof.

Fixing with Sugru
Bathroom with Antique Marble Sink

Of course, once I already had that packet open, I started thinking about where else I could put it to use in the house. There was a loose sconce in the other bathroom, where the plaster could no longer grip the screw. A little Sugru on the backplate, the same way I used it for the sink’s holder, fixed it right up.

Fixing a Sconce with Sugru
Guillermo del Toro Sconce

(Brandon calls these our Guillermo del Toro sconces. Can’t unsee.)

Guillermo del Toro Sconce

After that, I figured I’d go fix a wobbly lampshade that had been driving me nuts. I’d tried before to fix it with tape, then wire when that didn’t work, and eventually I just resigned myself to straightening it whenever I noticed it had gotten out of whack again (which was often). I mixed up some gray Sugru to match the silver on my lamp’s harp, leveled the shade, and fixed it in place. No more wobble!

Sugru for Fixing a Crooked Lampshade
Pink Lamp with Silk Lampshade

If you aren’t familiar with Sugru (I wasn’t before), they have a ton of different ways to use it on their homepage and a bunch of creative uses, too. I know I focused a lot on how you can use it to fix things, but I also put together a collection of my favorite tutorials and project ideas. (Aren’t those magnetic copper vases clever?)

Sugru is being sold nationwide at Target now, so it’s easy to get your hands on some. It’s good stuff to keep on hand for getting handy and for when you’re feeling crafty!

Beatrix Console, Three Ways

I spotted the most amazing console table online last week, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I don’t have a spot for it, but that didn’t stop me from imagining a few different ways to put it to use! (These sketch/plans are so much fun to make, you guys.)

Beatrix Console, Three Ways

hr 644

hr 644

Making Beaded Necklaces

I recently helped a couple dozen ladies turn waxed cording and beads into necklaces at my Anthropologie craft event. I made one at home beforehand so I could pass it around as an example.

DIY Handmade Beaded Necklace

I went to Bead in Hand for our supplies, and chose beads that would mix and match and work with a variety of styles. Some of the attendees would be experienced crafters (I spotted one with a thimble that she’d brought with her! Hardcore.), and some had never even strung beads before, so I was going for a project that could be adaptable for different tastes and skill levels.

Leading a Craft Workshop

I explained a few options (like knotting the cord to suspend beads higher up, and adding beads to the trailing ends in the back), and then we ate fruit and pink macarons, drank mimosas, and got to crafting.

Pink Macarons, Fruit, Watermelon-Infused Water, and Mimosas
Making Necklaces

We were all working with the same “ingredients,” but there was a huge range in designs.

DIY Handmade Beaded Necklaces
Craft Workshop at Anthropologie
A DIY Handmade Beaded Necklace
Craft Attendees

Thanks, Anthropologie, for hosting, and a big thank you to everyone that came out! It was a great time.

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