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The One with the Red Console

Gem is moving to a new spot in town next month. I walked by the current location on my way back from class last week and spotted a sign that guaranteed a slight detour from heading straight home. (And look, the trees have exploded with spring flowers! Oak Park was just named an arboretum, you know.)

Downtown Oak Park

I fell a little bit in love with a ring while I was there, but it had diamonds and rubies and was priced accordingly. There were snakes on it though! Subtle snakes — the best kind. I can’t impulse-buy a $1000 ring, but I can snap up a red console with drawers for $200. Behold.

Red Console with Drawers

Have you seen the latest Anthropologie home catalog/lookbook? I’ve had this image from “the optimist’s house” in my head because I loved that lacquered blue bar in the corner.

Anthropologie — The Optimist's Home (March 2015 Lookbook and Catalog)

It’s not that I wanted that exact piece. I was inspired more by the idea of something in a bright color to give a little oomph to a corner of our living room, and I made a mental note to keep a lookout for the right fit. Something with interesting lines, that either had gotten a paint job already or that could stand to benefit from one. I admired that red console when I spotted it at Gem, not sure where I would use it until I measured it and realized it would fit opposite the teal sofa! It came home with me later that day.

Red Console, Peacock Mirror, Black Walls » Making it Lovely

I might scoot that mirror up a bit now (the previous table it hung above was several inches lower), but I’m not mad at it. I’d shrink the console down by 10% if I could too — it fits, but it bumps up against the edge of the trim. Again though, I’m not mad at it.

Red Console, Peacock Mirror, Black Walls » Making it Lovely

Red! Pink! Mixed metals, wood, and black! This little corner is looking pretty fantastic. I had to buy a couple of nude ceramic figures while I was there too, as one does.

Ceramic Nude Figures » Making it Lovely

I snipped the lilacs for those vases from our backyard. Thank you, spring. Thank you, too, sidewalk placard at Gem! So glad I stopped in.

Red Console, Peacock Mirror, Black Walls » Making it Lovely

Another Rug! (Yes, Again!)

‘Tis what I do. I remember reading a blog post by Michelle Kohanzo (Managing Director of The Land of Nod) and loving that she describes herself as “changing rugs like most women change their sheets.” YES.

Anyway, with every tweak and addition (or take away), the double parlors are getting closer and closer to what I would consider done. After trying out the layered rug trend, I’m certain it’s not for me. I still wanted a rug down though, at least in the back parlor, and preferably something plush.

Ta da — plush, the right size, affordable (relatively), with just a bit of pink.

Double Parlor with Parallels Rug

Obviously that’s not a styled photo (I held the camera in one hand and the baby in the other, and took a quick snap), but you get the idea. This is the rug, close up.

Parallels Wool Rug, Macaroon Pink

I’m forever arranging and rearranging the library, wishing that black and white striped sofa was 18″ smaller, but it’s working. I’m thinking of adding a matching rug in there too. I only hesitate because really? A couple of huge, almost all-white rugs in a house with three young kids, a dog, and a couple of cats? Eh, I think it will work. They’re wool, which cleans up nicely, and we have a big runner in the entryway so nobody would be stepping directly on the white rugs after coming in from outside.

Pretend there’s a rug inside those two measuring tapes, deal? I think that having a rug to define the library’s floor plan will help. (Magically shrinking the sofa would help, too.)

Area Rug Outline

I’m gonna go for it.

The Moroccan Rug

Black Walls, Teal Sofa, Moroccan Rug | Making it Lovely

The blue rug that I styled here recently, while beautiful, has been returned. Going back to bare floors was kind of sad! I’d had the Azilal rug that I brought back from Morocco down before though, and I figured it was time to bring it back.

Black Walls, Teal Sofa, Moroccan Rug | Making it Lovely

Pink Tulips and a Moroccan Rug

I’m considering buying the blue rug for the dining room if I want to hold off on wallpaper, but I haven’t decided yet. It’s out of stock in the size I would need, so I’ve got a little time to think about it. I am however keeping one of the pillows from before! It’s got all of my colors going on, and I love the texture.

Throw Pillows | Making it Lovely

The Moroccan rug is a decent size (6×11) for the back parlor, but I wanted to try out a layered look with a couple of pale pink flatwoven rugs. You’ve seen them before; I like them a lot, but I didn’t choose them and they’re a bit too small for my house. I lined them up to create a larger rug because I thought the colors and pattern would complement the Azilal, and layering it on top covered most of the seam. And our corner fireplace is always an issue with rugs in this room. These are thin enough that I can fold the corner under to fit, but anything thicker would have to be trimmed and bound to custom fit the space.

Corner Fireplace

Oh, hey, different plant. I moved the other fiddle leaf fig upstairs to a window with the same exposure in hopes of letting it recover, but it’s not doing so well. This other little guy is happy though, and has sprouted new baby leaves toward the bottom! I need to properly plant him soon — the plastic pot it came in is just sitting inside there.

Black Walls, Cream and Pink Moroccan Rug | Making it Lovely

Anyway that’s how we came to have three rugs in the living room. None of them are perfect on their own, but together they’re better than the sum of their parts. I don’t know how long they’re going to stay like this though — the kids run around the house and as they run through the room, everything is kind of sliding around! (Rug pads aren’t doing enough to stop the problem.) It’s a good look, but maybe not the most practical for us.

Layered Rugs | Making it Lovely

Black Walls, Fiddle Leaf Fig | Making it Lovely

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