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Playing Plaid by the Rules

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I was ready for a change from the usual mix of colorful pillows on my sofa, so I brought in a plaid blanket and pillows to switch things up for fall. We already had the big fluffy pillow on hand, and the cream, oatmeal, and caramel colors that have been added break up the teal of the couch and play up the woodwork behind it.

Teal Sofa with Plaid Pillows | Making it Lovely

I went for pale neutrals, playing by the rules of pattern and plaid, mixing scale and keeping to an overall refined palette. You can break the rules by mixing them up and taking it further though! There were options in red, black, navy, and orange to choose from too, with the patterns going from subtle to loud.

The smaller pillow on the right is from the new Adam Lippes for Target collaboration. It reverses from plaid to a sunburst design, and both sides look good against the larger pillow behind it.

Adam Lippes for Target Reversible Plaid Pillow

Adam Lippes for Target Reversible Plaid Pillow

There’s a new throw blanket in the living room for the kids to steal! (They’re always taking them for fort building or whatever else they’re up to for the day, so I’m constantly tracking them down and putting them back.) The blanket is another reversible piece from the Adam Lippes collection, but the difference is more subtle (from a buffalo check to gingham).

Adam Lippes for Target Plaid Blanket

I usually have a small brass dish on the coffee table, but I swapped it out for one of these little appetizer plates in assorted plaids. It’s hanging out with a few books, my lil ceramic nudies, and a pothos. (Looking for a house plant you can keep alive? Pothos. $4 at the grocery store and easy.) I’m not sure how much longer these things will be safe where they are though — they are just out of reach for Calvin right now, but not for long.

Coffee Table Books, Lil Nudies, Plant, and Plaid Plate

Hello, deer. Fancy seeing you here.

Hello, Deer

He’s actually going to go in August’s room, but I couldn’t resist popping him up above the secretary desk for a little while first. Libraries do well with a bit of taxidermy — this one just happens to be of the plush plaid variety.

Plaid Stag Head

Brandon wears plaid shirts all the time (exhibit A), and I buy it a lot for the kids, but I haven’t gone much for plaid myself since I was a young goth/punk with zippers all over my pants. It looks awesome in the house though, and I even picked up a windowpane interpretation of the pattern in a top for myself. Teenage me would be a little surprised by the pink I’m so fond of now, but the black walls and plaid would get a nod of approval.

When you add a new pattern in your home, do you go crazy with it, or just a little touch here or there? Are you more of a play by the rules or a break the rules kind of person?

Styling Anastasia

You remember the blue Journey rug from Loloi that I styled a while back, right? I love the chance to play dress-up with my house, so I was excited about switching things up with another room.

And guess what — this is a competition.

Loloi Anastasia Rug in Making it Lovely's Home Library

To celebrate the line’s release, Loloi invited eight design bloggers to participate in a styling contest. Super fun, but the best part is that the winner will get a $1000 donation made on his or her behalf to the charity of their choice! A win for me would be a win for Rebuilding Together. They work with low-income homeowners, bettering their houses and their communities at the same time.

Loloi Anastasia Rug in Making it Lovely's Home Library

Loloi Rugs - Anastasia

The Anastasia collection features traditional rug design elements made modern in scale and in the patterns’ distressing. There are bold colors (indigo, ochre, teal), but they’re tempered by creams and cool silvers. Our library has a whole lot of wood in it, especially from this angle, and the rug adds visual and tactile softness to the room.

Loloi Anastasia Rug in Making it Lovely's Home Library

Like last time, this rug is not a permanent addition (alas!). Nor are the chairs, which I added to echo the blues in the rug and pick up on the color of the sofa in the next room over. And since it’s a bit of a fiction, I set the table in our home library for dining — even though you guys know we really eat our meals in the dining room.

Loloi Anastasia Rug in Making it Lovely's Home Library

You have until midnight, October 14 to vote for your favorite room. Hopefully it’s mine (hint, hint) because I’d love the win for my charity, but everyone did an amazing job and chose equally worthy causes. Go check them out!

The Anastasia Rug (AF-07 in Sand/Lt Blue)is available from Wayfair and RugsDirect.

Color Your Home with Fall Leaves

Pier 1 reached out with an opportunity to decorate with their latest collection inspired by the colors of fall leaves. Ah, fall! My favorite. Sweaters and boots! The kids are back in school! We can take out our ugly window AC units! Fall is the best.

You know that our house has a ton of wood everywhere. I wasn’t sure about adding in more autumnal colors, but I walked over to the store to check everything out in person and there were a ton of options that I wanted to bring home. I decided I was in, and then I started by choosing a garland for the fireplace mantel. They had the typical fall leaves (oak, maple, red, yellow, orange), and a few pretty berry options, but I was drawn to the subtle colors of this garland with a bit of gold mixed in.

The Living Room, Decorated with Fall Leaves

When I saw the matching wreath, I picked that up too. We always hang one on the front door for Christmas, but I’ve never had a wreath during the rest of the year. We know a few people that put different ones up all the time — spring flowers, stars and stripes for the 4th, autumn leaves, traditional Christmas — and they always struck me as being very welcoming. Now we have one of our own up for fall.

Fall Wreath on the Front Door

Back inside, the garland was to form the first layer, and then I’d planned on adding candles and flowers to create a fall display in front of a large mirror on our fireplace. That was the plan, before I saw the birds.

Golden Pheasants and Fall Leaves on the Fireplace Mantel

Golden Pheasant

I ended up using a few pillar stands to give the birds a place to perch for some height, and then I used a couple more on the other side of the room for candles.

Living Room

Dueling mirrors! I think the peacock mirror is staying put and the other above the fireplace will be relocated. I mean, this mirror (from Pier 1, a while back) is kinda perfect where it is.

Peacock Mirror and Red Console Table

The red of the table, the brown of the wood, and the garland of fall leaves are all working together for a nice autumnal feel. Candles always make a room cozier too. And the birds! I am fond of those birds.

Do you like to mark the change of seasons in your decorating? And of course there’s the wreath question. Do you prefer your door unadorned? Or do you go for a wreath year-round, or just at Christmas?

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