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Karate Snacks

Eleanor took fairy ballet classes through the park district for a little while, which consisted of an adorable group of little girls in ballerina outfits and wings, wandering around in a loose circle to classical music. I’m not sure how much she learned, but who cares? She liked it and had fun. She wasn’t taking any classes for a while because we spent the summer up in Wisconsin while we were between houses, but a couple of months ago, she brought up those dance classes again, asking if she could take more lessons. She didn’t want to do fairy ballet though — that’s for babies. She wanted to do ninja ballet, which sounds like an awesome (albeit nonexistent) fusion. Brandon and I explained that she could take ninja/karate lessons or dance, but not both, and she chose the ninja path.

Eleanor came with me to watch a class before signing up. We both liked what we saw, and she had her first karate lesson last month. The only problem is that her day at nursery school ends fifteen minutes before her karate lessons start. Twice a week, I pick her up ten minutes early so that she can get changed into her uniform before getting her winter gear on. She’s super-proud of her uniform, and I’m sure it helps that her school friends ooh and ahh over it. “Eleanor, you’re shirt is great!” “Eleanor, is that your karate uniform? Cool!” She feels rather chuffed with herself.


On days when she has lessons after school, she’s gone from lunch until dinner time, so we’ve talked about how she needs good food to fuel her body for a busy day. It must have stuck with her because after an energetic and successful round of kicks one day, she bowed low, and respectfully told her teacher, “I ate a taco.”

The kids eat a small snack at school each day, but Eleanor often needs a little something before her lesson too. We’ve been trying out NatureBox for snacks at home, and I usually carry a bag with me in my purse for the kids. They’re good, wholesome snacks (no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors, and no high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, or trans fats), and Eleanor refers to the Blueberry Almond Bites as her “karate snacks.” The bags each have 3-5 servings, and I like that we can put a subscription on auto-pilot and receive the same thing each time, or switch it up and try new flavors. You can also choose what size you want to arrive monthly from NatureBox: Deluxe Snacker (5 bags), Happy Snacker (10 bags) and Smart Snacker (20 bags), with free shipping in the US (or $1.97 to Alaska and Hawaii).

NatureBox Snacks

Of course, we’re enjoying the snacks here at home too. (Those Sweet Blueberry Almonds are so good!)

NatureBox Blueberry Snacks

Win a Deluxe Snacker Subscription

If you’d like to try NatureBox, they’re offering a discount for new customers, 50% off your first box of any size, using the code LOVELY. They’re also giving away two free 6-month Deluxe Snacker subscriptions here to two winners! The giveaway is open until midnight CST, January 23, to US readers only, and you must have a US shipping address. To enter, take a look at the snacks NatureBox offer, then leave a comment below with the one you’d like to try. Good luck!

Art in Eleanor’s Room, and the New Light

Eleanor’s room was looking a bit bare with no art on the walls, so I figured it was time to remedy that. I chose lightweight banners and stretched canvases for above the bed so there would be no danger of broken glass or heavy objects falling on her, and I laid everything out before putting it up on the wall. I hung the Tammis Keefe cats from a picture rail hook, and everything else from OOK picture hangers and ‘one step hangers’ (both are good for plaster walls).

Laying Out Art Before Hanging it

<img src="" alt="Eleanor" width="640" height="640" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-27334" />

(She insists on hopping in front of my camera, every chance she gets. Never with a straight face.)

I also hung her new light (the Mobile Chandelier) over the weekend. I assume you guys aren’t looking to me for simple “how to install a light” tutorials, so I’ll spare you that. It’s up! It works! It was not easy to install in a house from the 1800s!

Eleanor's Room

More art over there too, as you can see. That white frame looked stark and plain against the dark wall color, so I added some interest to it with gold adhesive vinyl — the same stuff I’m going to use for adding stars to her ceiling. And on that note, I have no idea where my vinyl cutting machine is. I’m going to a brand event next month though, and without being too presumptuous, there’s a good chance I’ll come home with the latest model. The gold stars may get put off until after that.


Your room’s coming along, kid!