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One Desk, Three Ways

I shared a few of my favorites from Target’s revamped Room Essentials line a couple of weeks ago and today, I’m showing how their Wood & Metal White Desk can be styled three ways. It’s a little like my Making it Yours series in which I take a piece of furniture through three room designs, so this was a fun post to work on!

One Desk from Target, Three Different Ways on Making it Lovely

For Letter Writing, Bill Paying

You may not have need (or space) for a full home office, but many of us could still benefit from a place to sit and respond to mail or work from our laptop. With a cute lamp and some artwork above, this desk would look great in an underused portion of a living room or bedroom.

Cute Desk from Target on Making it Lovely

Cute Desk from Target on Making it Lovely

Cute Desk from Target on Making it Lovely

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As an Entryway Console

The desk is small in scale, so it would be great in an entryway with just a little room to spare. A stool can be tucked in beneath, a tray on top collects mail, and I like having a piggy bank there to collect loose change too. Drawers are handy for storing anything you may need near the entryway but that isn’t all that pretty to look at.

Desk as an Entry Console, Making it Lovely

Desk as an Entry Console, Making it Lovely

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In a Kid’s Room

This would make a great desk for kids, too! Next to a bed, it can also serve as a nightstand; just swivel that light over for reading a bedtime story.

A Kid's Desk from Target, Making it Lovely

A Kid's Desk from Target, Making it Lovely

A Kid's Desk from Target, Making it Lovely

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The desk is available now, in stores, and it’s a great piece that takes on the personality of what you pair with it. Do you have a favorite look from the three above?

Art in Eleanor’s Room, and the New Light

Eleanor’s room was looking a bit bare with no art on the walls, so I figured it was time to remedy that. I chose lightweight banners and stretched canvases for above the bed so there would be no danger of broken glass or heavy objects falling on her, and I laid everything out before putting it up on the wall. I hung the Tammis Keefe cats from a picture rail hook, and everything else from OOK picture hangers and ‘one step hangers’ (both are good for plaster walls).

Laying Out Art Before Hanging it

<img src="" alt="Eleanor" width="640" height="640" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-27334" />

(She insists on hopping in front of my camera, every chance she gets. Never with a straight face.)

I also hung her new light (the Mobile Chandelier) over the weekend. I assume you guys aren’t looking to me for simple “how to install a light” tutorials, so I’ll spare you that. It’s up! It works! It was not easy to install in a house from the 1800s!

Eleanor's Room

More art over there too, as you can see. That white frame looked stark and plain against the dark wall color, so I added some interest to it with gold adhesive vinyl — the same stuff I’m going to use for adding stars to her ceiling. And on that note, I have no idea where my vinyl cutting machine is. I’m going to a brand event next month though, and without being too presumptuous, there’s a good chance I’ll come home with the latest model. The gold stars may get put off until after that.


Your room’s coming along, kid!

Which Chandelier for Eleanor’s Room?

The dark blue walls and ceiling in Eleanor’s room look great, but the room definitely needs more light. The fixture hanging in there now only houses one bulb. She has a bedside lamp, one on her bookshelf, and a rabbit light on her dresser, but she’s a kid. She walks in and flips the light switch — she doesn’t look around and think “ooh, some ambient lighting over in the corner would really add to the space!” So I’ve been looking for a nice chandelier for her with more light output. Ideally, I would have liked it to be either brass or a fun color, and I’ve found plenty of fixtures that I like. But I have expensive taste in lighting, and some of my favorites were thousands of dollars. Thus, two bronze options from West Elm, both bought during their 20% off lighting sale.

West Elm Industrial and Mobile Chandeliers

When I ordered them, the Mobile Chandelier was on backorder, supposedly until May. I bought the Industrial Chandelier at the same time, figuring that it might look OK and that I wouldn’t have to wait six months for a light. They both shipped out right away though, and I’m not sure which one would be better in E’s room.

West Elm Mobile Chandelier

West Elm Industrial Chandelier

They both take on different looks, depending on which bulbs you pair with them (they don’t come with any). I had that frosted white globe in August’s sconce, and I think I like the look of it for E’s fixtures more than I would an Edison bulb, but smaller round bulbs could be cute too. And I would love to add some detail to whichever light I choose by adding brass tape* around each socket, but Kathryn wisely cautioned me to see how hot they get first.

What do you think?

* Or maybe gold adhesive vinyl? It hasn’t arrived yet, but I ordered some for Eleanor’s starry ceiling since a few comments mentioned some potential issues with covering painted stars later.

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