Status Report

Calvin is seven weeks old, and I think we can call it now: he has been the easiest of our three babies. He rarely cries, as I can anticipate his needs and read his cues pretty well. We have the occasional bad night, but most of the time he goes to sleep around seven, wakes up to nurse once, and then sleeps again until morning. Five o’clock in the morning, but I’ll take it! He has been in a mama-only phase for the past couple of weeks so I’m not getting as much done as I’d like to, but the upside is that my days are positively filled with baby snuggles and smiles. The house is a mess and I have to do most of my typing with one hand when I work, but he’s worth it.

Nicole and Calvin

The only downside is that breastfeeding continues to be difficult. I think the worst of it was around four weeks (when I wrote this post), but I’d hoped we would be past the pain by now and that the early damage could heal. I indulge Calvin’s preference for me and let him sleep in my arms in part because it keeps him happy and/or asleep for longer, therefore extending the time between nursing sessions (giving me a bit of a reprieve). I wish I didn’t dread nursing so much, but it’s hard to willingly do something ten times a day that hurts. I stubbornly press on because I’m assuming it will get better and I actually like nursing when it’s no longer painful, but I wish we could get to that point soon.

On a happier note, I just learned something new about baby clothes! I always assumed they had envelope necklines to fit over their big wobbly heads, but it’s so you can roll them down in case of a diaper blowout. (Did you know that?) Mind blown.

Mind blown.

Peacock Mirror

There is a wall in our back parlor that has been calling out for a mirror. I hung the Lily mirror from our old house as a placeholder, but it felt a bit too girly for the space. The gold sunburst mirror in the first photo from the other day’s post would have been perfect! Alas, at seven hundred and something dollars, it’s going to have to go and be perfect in the home of someone else. I started looking around yesterday for some possible alternatives, and I found a peacock mirror at Pier 1 via Copy Cat Chic. My local store had one in stock, so I figured I’d walk over and take a look. I hadn’t planned on buying it right away, but two small mirrors were missing and it was being sold “as-is” for a steal. Yes! I had wanted a peacock mirror for the house since we first knew we were going to be moving here!

Peacock Mirror

Honestly, it’s so busy that the flaws are hard to spot. There were a couple of scuffs that I’ve already touched up with gold paint, and I’ll pick up a couple of small mirrors from the craft store to replace the missing ones. After it’s all fixed up, it will be good as new! Once again, I am all about the floor model.

Independent Shopping in Oak Park, IL

Oak Park has some great restaurants and well-known chain stores, but it also has a huge variety of independent shops. Below, I’ve highlighted some of the best from here in town, as well as a handful from nearby Forest Park. I’ve also created a Pinterest board with their locations marked (though there were a few that I was unable to add to the map). This isn’t an exhaustive list of stores, but it does include all of my favorites!

Update Interiors, Oak Park, IL
Update Interiors


  • Update Interiors
    Furniture and amazing lighting, along with smaller decorative details for your home.

  • Refind Home
    Mid-century vintage finds, plus new eco-friendly and indie goods.

  • Moss
    A great selection of flowers, plus interesting gifts and home decor.

  • Yearbook
    A careful selection of vintage and new goods with a masculine, old collegiate feel.

  • CarefulPeach
    A French-inspired boutique with beautiful items for tabletop, bath, and kitchen.

CarefulPeach, Oak Park, IL

Women’s Clothing & Accessories

  • Gem
    A mix of edgy modern and pretty vintage-inspired jewelry.

  • Nora’s Shoe Shop
    Awesome shoes from harder to find brands.

  • Lively Running
    Running shoes for women (they’ll help you choose the right pair), and cute workout clothes.

  • Muse
    Feminine tops and dresses in a range of prices.

Gem Jewelry, Oak Park, IL

For Kids

Pumpkin Moon, Oak Park, IL
Pumpkin Moon


The Book Table, Oak Park, IL
The Book Table

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