Talking Rugs and Lighting (Aren’t I Always?)

The closet is looking good, and it’s so close to being done.

Closet Sneak Peek

The couple of sneak peeks above are on Instagram, and if you follow me on Snapchat, you might have seen the design plan for the closet. I was thinking of using a pink rug and bench. Either something all pink like Pottery Barn’s Leila tufted rug, or in a pattern that features the color prominently like Caitlin Wilson’s Kismet rug. We had an antique/vintage (no details on how old it is) Tibetan meditation rug in the hallway though that’s mostly red with a little pink, and it looks great in the closet. Our hallway is a bit more naked now, but that hallway is in serious need of repair right now anyway after all of the rewiring work on the second floor (another story for another day).

Small Patterned Rugs

I ordered a small tufted ottoman from Target in pink that hasn’t arrived yet. Then I saw the same ottoman in the store in a pretty grayish blue color that hadn’t been listed online. I brought it home yesterday and the other is due to arrive tomorrow, so I’ll keep whichever is better with the rug.

Which means there are only three more things to do, and then the closet is done!

  1. Sew a sink skirt.
    Easy enough, I was just waiting on the rug so I can choose fabric. Moving ahead with that one.

  2. Hem the curtains.
    Easy peasy.

  3. Find a new light.
    Not so easy, but it needs to happen.

Yeah, so the light. I put up one of the fixtures from downstairs because why not? I’ll tell you why not: it’s way to low and I bump into it constantly. I knew that the scale was wrong, but I figured it would be fine and buy some time until I found something else. It wasn’t a visual assault on my eyes or anything, it just looked silly, being to big. I failed to take into account how annoying and potentially dangerous it would be — I’m worried I might break the glass.

I came across this image that I posted here in 2011, before I had ever set foot in our Victorian.

New York Brownstone Entry

Beautiful, right? And I’ve been so drawn to that simple style of lighting lately. I want to replace our foyer pendant and was considering something similar, but now I’m also considering it in a smaller, semi-flush mount version for the closet. I’m still not 100%, but I think it could work.

Protecting Our Upholstery

hr 644

Remember the pair of chairs in our living room? The ones that I mentioned were the recipient once of a nice dousing with orange soda?

Protecting Light-Colored Upholstery #LoveYourThings #Scotchgard

Yep, those are the ones. We usually only eat or drink at the dining room table, but the soda was spilled during a party when we were being more lax (and by an adult, not one of the kids!). We got to it right away and luckily it came up without staining, but it wasn’t a good feeling to worry that the upholstery might have been ruined by one little accident.

I hadn’t taken any steps to protect them, even after that incident, until after I started working with Scotchgard Brand. I’d heard of them before (most of us probably have), but I hadn’t used any of their products or seen them in action so it didn’t cross my mind that it was an option. When I met with their team and was able to see a few demos, I realized how helpful it would have been for my chairs! Scotchgard Protectors don’t change the look or feel of your fabric at all, and you would never know a fabric had been treated unless you were to spill on it. Liquids bead up on the surface, so if something spills you have a little leeway to go get a towel and clean things up before anything soaks through.

Using #Scotchgard Protectors for Light Upholstery #LoveYourThings

#Scotchgard Repels Liquids #LoveYourThings

I used Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector starting with the front of each chair and moving my way towards the backs with a single can. Come over and spill all over my things! They have magic forcefields now. Or at least it seems like they do.

Protecting Upholstery with #Scotchgard #LoveYourThings

How to Protect Light Upholstery with #Scotchgard #LoveYourThings

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I am a compensated Scotchgard Brand-sponsored blogger. Opinions are my own and additional products used in the project were selected by me.

Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen Months Old (Calvin’s Monthly Photos)

Calvin is walking, hooray! His vocabulary is growing, his teeth are numerous (he went from six to twelve, maybe more, all in the last couple of months), and he has had his first haircut. We also have a change of outfit for these photos. Bodysuits are for babies, and we have a toddler!

Calvin's Monthly Photos, to Fifteen Months

Here are Calvin’s latest monthly baby pictures! And do take a look at the little Christmas tree my kids elegantly decorated.
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