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A Ninja Turtles Back to School Party

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We have friends and neighbors in the area with kids the same ages as ours, so we thought it would be fun to have everyone over for pizza last weekend. It was a low-key party in celebration of the first week of school, and in anticipation of the first week of preschool for the younger ones. August is into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now, so we went with the Turtles as a theme.

Turtle Power!

We had turtle shells, masks, and toy weapons on hand for all the kids, and they got to take them home when the party was over. They could dress up right away, but I kept the weapons out of sight until it was time for “ninja practice.” To keep things as calm as possible when a whole bunch of kids are going nuts with play swords and nunchucks, we made it clear that they were only allowed to hit the inflatable bad guy and all toy weapons had to stay in the practice area. Thankfully, the rules worked!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shells and Masks

Ninja Practice

I picked up some TMNT plates and green decorations from Target for the party. We ordered pizza (on theme!), and the kids sat around the table while the adults gravitated toward the kitchen. For dessert, we had mint chocolate chip ice cream (because: green) and Turtles (of course).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Decorations

Pizza Party

We had eight kids in the house, and eight adults. The Ninja Turtles theme was perfect because it kept the kids occupied and entertained so that the adults could actually have a conversation. Hurrah, time spent in the company of grown-ups! Plus, hello, the kids looked adorable.

Wee Ninja Turtle

p.s. The shells are quite flattering on a very round, pregnant belly. And with such a nice protective quality!

Shell Belly

A Classic Bathroom Design

This post is brought to you by American Standard DXV.
Discover the DXV collections.

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I chose matching bridge faucets from American Standard for the utility sink in the laundry room of our last house. When I shared the finished room on the blog, I wrote “that’s pretty much my dream sink and if we ever leave this house, it would be one of the things I’d miss most.” And I do! I miss that awesome setup.

Making it Lovely's Laundry Room

Having liked my American Standard faucets so much, I was happy to accept an invitation to see their DXV line at a local showroom, so I visited Ferguson in Downers Grove.

Ferguson DXV Showroom

The DXV line has over 70 products (like freestanding tubs, toilets, sinks, and faucets), grouped into four broad styles: Classic (1880–1920), Golden Era (1920–1950), Modern (1950–1990), and Contemporary (1990–today).

DXV, American Standard

The Classic series had some of my favorite offerings — fixtures that would be right at home in my Victorian. Plenty of things that would have been right at home in our old house, too.

DXV Faucets

The Wyatt toilet and sink are from the Golden Era collection — another favorite. The console sink was paired with a more modern faucet than I would have chosen though. Wouldn’t it be perfect with one of their more vintage-style faucets and a great wallpaper in the room?

DXV Wyatt in the Showroom

When I got home from the showroom, I started thinking about how I would design a bathroom around those same base pieces. I’m drawn to old houses with period details, but I don’t mind mixing different elements in as long as the look is complementary. I went with a subdued palette but still played with texture and pattern to bring in some design interest. And a quick note on the wood floor: I’m aware that it is not the best flooring for a bathroom! We have it in each of our bathrooms here though and I’ve grown to love the look.

DXV by American_Standard, Bathroom by Making it Lovely

  1. DXV Landfair Robe Hook

  2. Aranami Wallpaper

  3. Well Appointed Bath Light

  4. Antiqued Moroccan Mirror

  5. Fireclay Silver Lilac Tile

  6. DXV Landfair Widespread Lavatory Faucet

  7. DXV Wyatt One-Piece Elongated Toilet

  8. Linen-Edged Towel

  9. DXV Wyatt Console Lavatory

  10. Nate Berkus Bath Runner

  11. DXV St. George Freestanding Soaking Tub

  12. DXV Traditional Floor Mount Tub Filler with Landfair Lever Handles

  13. Antique Oak Wood Floor

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