The Hallway, Opened Up

Our contractor got started last week on our second floor remodeling project. After just two days, the built-in was removed and the hallway was opened up. We have natural daylight in the hall now, from the window that was blocked off before!

Removing the Hallway's Built-in Storage

The Hallway, Newly Opened Up

There is a large bedroom closet that we could divide and tap into from the hallway if we ever want to add more storage near the bathroom, but it’s not in the plans right now. And though the built-in had been there a long time (70-80 years?), it was not original to the house. There were a few layers of some very old wallpaper hiding beneath it, confirming that the hall once went straight through.

Very Old Wallpaper

The floor beneath was gone though, and the stuff on the stairway side is ugly high-traffic carpet over red linoleum over a couple layers of who-knows-what. So yeah, the floor is going to need some work, but we expected that going into this.

Exposed Subfloor

There’s still a lot of work to go, but it’s looking really good so far!

Here’s to Summer Soirées

Tiny Prints Thank You Cards and Address Labels

Summer parties call for festive color, don’t you think? I love keeping a few fun supplies on hand, like party hats and glasses, so we’re always ready to set the scene. And I think I’ll always be a paper invitations kind of person — it’s the former stationery designer in me! Below are a few of my favorite invitations from Tiny Prints, along with the thank you cards and address labels we’ve been using lately.

Tiny Prints Summer Party

  1. Plenty of Confetti: Begonia Return Address Labels
    The wraparound style of these is cute, and the confetti print makes me smile.

  2. Sunray Celebration: Blaze Party Invitations
    So bright and summery!

  3. Acapulco Lounge Chair
    I assure you that if this chair were on hand, it would be every guest’s favorite spot.

  4. Cube Lanterns
    Light the way with colorful lanterns.

  5. Toot Sweet Party Hats
    Kids love these. (Adults, too!)

  6. Heartfelt Thanks Bright Red Thank You Cards
    I love the little surprise when you turn it over.

  7. Joyful Herringbone Party Invitations
    The sleek black circle against a playful backdrop is perfect.

  8. Colorful Plastic Goblets
    Unbreakable cups are great for outdoors, and they don’t get much cuter than these.

  9. Pineapple Party Invitations
    What’s more summery than luscious, ripe pineapples?

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