Making it Yours 12A: Lincoln and Dhurrie Armchairs

We have the first two of our designs up from this edition of Making it Yours today! I’m decorating around both the Lincoln and Dhurrie chairs, showing how each can be used throughout a person’s life, seeing them through different stages and different styles. Let’s meet our fictional friend, Marie.

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Marie likes to sing. Loudly. She’s shy about it though, at first limiting her performances to coincide with her morning shower, and later when her roommate moved out, she’d perform encores throughout the day while doing chores or cooking dinner. She won’t get on stage for karaoke and isn’t into the whole bar scene, but she throws parties on a whim just about every month. She knows everything about astrology but doesn’t believe in it, loves big, goofy dogs, and always wears a crazy hat. She’s about to turn thirty, and has been working a lot of late nights but is starting to make decent money. She’s fun, happy, and bright, and wants her apartment to be too.

Making it Yours 12A: Dhurrie Armchair #makingitlovely

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Making it Yours 12A: Lincoln Armchair #makingitlovely

  1. Dhurrie Chair, Anthropologie • Lincoln Chair, Pottery Barn

  2. Block Print Ikat Lumbar Pillow, Furbish

  3. Seachange Print, Jenny Vorwaller

  4. Yes, Please Print: Martha Rich, 20×200

  5. Paint: Flush Pink, Behr

  6. Wood Pole Scholar Floor Lamp: Avalon Sea, Target

  7. Perfect Throw: Mandarin, West Elm

  8. Laguna Seagrass Baskets: Juice, Serena & Lily

  9. Upton Faceted Leg Buffet, West Elm

  10. Frosted Blue Vase Collection, Terrain

  11. Rosie Table Lamp, CB2

  12. Balloon Animal Bookend, The Land of Nod

  13. Stockholm Nesting Tables, IKEA

  14. Avec Apartment Sofa: Sea Salt, CB2 • Avec Apartment Sofa: Peacock, CB2

  15. Colorblock Linen Pillow,: Emerald & Pool, Society Social • Magical Thinking Neon Rag Pillow, Urban Outfitters

  16. Ojo de Dios Rug, Arro Home

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For this first post, I kept the looks fairly similar, swapping out only a few things to achieve the same overall look. I’ll be taking a different approach next time though, which I’ll be sharing next week!

Making it Yours 12A: Lincoln and Dhurrie Armchairs #makingitlovely

Making it Yours 12: The Lincoln and Dhurrie Armchairs

I asked last week which would be more helpful to see in a new edition of my Making it Yours series: the Lincoln Upholstered Armchair from Pottery Barn or the Dhurrie Chair from Anthropologie. Basically it’s a blank slate vs. a statement piece. It was pretty even at first, but the dhurrie chair did win out in the end.

Lincoln and Dhurrie Chairs

A few comments suggested doing both, which sounded like a fun challenge! I typically split the series into three designs, showing a piece as the owner’s life and decorating taste changes, and I’m going to stick with that format here again. Rather than do six posts between the two chairs, I’ll create a short narrative and present two options per post. It’s a good exercise in obtaining a similar design through different pieces, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have been while working on it.

And in related news: I bought two of those dang Lincoln chairs, which I wasn’t planning on when I posted about them last week. I had been considering them for the house, as I’ve been perpetually on the lookout for a pair of matching chairs for the back parlor. At more than $2000 with tax and delivery for two of them though, I was far from rushing to make a purchase. Then two things happened. First, I noticed that American Express was running a sale on a bunch of their Membership Rewards points gift cards, which included instant e-gift certificates to Pottery Barn. Second: I saw the chair marked down about 35% off as a floor model at the Oakbrook PB when I was out that way over the weekend. I hadn’t cashed in my Amex points in a long time so I had enough to buy the floor model outright with some leftover to buy the matching chair at retail, but I still wasn’t sold. Then the sales associate mentioned that some of the other stores in the area might have theirs marked down as a floor model too. She called the Lincoln Park location, confirmed that they also had one, and that solidified the deal. After using my free gift certificates, they ended up costing only $180 each. That’s like them being on sale for 85% off! I brought one chair home with me that day, and we got the other one yesterday.

Lincoln Pottery Barn Chairs

So now I have extra incentive to see how much mileage I can get out of them in different design scenarios!

My Style Saturday Event

The weekend before last, I hosted a Style Saturday event at my local Lowe’s. It’s a little strange to walk into a place and be greeted by your own smiling face on numerous big signs, but I’ll take it!

Style Saturday Event at Lowe's

I was there to offer design consultations, helping with anything from furniture placement and color palettes to choosing lighting and selecting tile. The day was structured with a mix of one-on-one scheduled appointments and quick chats with people in the store that requested advice. Some people brought in floor plans and photos (which was great because I could really understand what they were working with and therefore better help), and others who were looking for more general decorating ideas and tips.

Design Consultation at Lowe's Style Saturday

I had images of products from the Allen + Roth line and a Polaroid camera to snap shots in the store, so I was able to put together design boards to take home after each consultation. I also had Lowe’s gift cards for the people I met with, to help them get started! It was a fun surprise to hand out at the end of each session.

Design Consultation at Lowe's Style Saturday

While I was busy meeting one-on-one with people, we also had a project station. I had seen a push pin art project a while back that I thought would be fun, and we were able to gather everything we needed for it right there in the store. We used cork tiles and markers, and instead of thumb tacks we chose upholstery nails, which were available in brass, bronze, and nickel. It was popular with both kids and adults!

Cork Board Projects

Thank you, Lowe’s, for partnering with me to host the Chicago Style Saturday event. And of course, a big thank you to everyone who stopped by!

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