Nesting, Waiting

Tomorrow is my due date, but I had my weekly checkup this morning and the baby doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get here. I am in full-on nesting mode for sure at this point, and focusing on little details. Stacking books just so. Rearranging the display on the fireplace mantel. Hanging art. It’s imperative that I find both a blue cachepot and a beautiful decorative tassel, and I’ve come to find that the cabinet doors in the library (which have been just fine until now) need knobs ASAP. I’ve also picked up two new houseplants to care for — perhaps because I’m feeling extra nurturing right now? It’s satisfying to walk around the house, tinkering and playing with the decor.

I snapped this picture yesterday when August got back from school. A few toys, a few pets, family… the house feels good. Comforting, colorful, and cozy.

Home #makingitlovely

The baby’s clothes have been washed, and the nursery got its coat of primer. I’ve given the cradle a good cleaning and had Brandon bring it up to our bedroom. We feel ready, and not ready. Excited and nervous all over again.

Eleanor was born fifteen days after her due date. Labor was induced at 42 weeks, and took nineteen hours. August arrived four days early. My water broke while Eleanor and I were napping, and he was born less than three hours later. (Ten pounds and an all-natural birth, which was an experience, to say the least.) I had some complications after the deliveries of both babies, so I’m nervous about it happening again, but I’m ready and trying to remain optimistic. I wonder how baby number three will make his appearance; we’re so looking forward to meeting him!

The 4-6 Weeks Project (Week Five)

I’m taking photographs of Eleanor and August each day until baby number three arrives, to document our last 4-6 weeks as a family of four. I first did this project to document our time as a family of three before August was born.

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The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 12

August, you can be pretty silly, but also sometimes incredibly sweet. When mama asks for a smooch (a “mooch,” as you say), she never knows if she’ll get one, and if she does, whether it will be a real smooch or a raspberry!

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 13

Mama remembers doing the same thing when she was little, too… seeing how many times the balloon can be hit back up into the air without letting it hit the ground. (p.s. Mama rearranged the furniture last night while you two were sleeping. Normal behavior, or nesting? It’s hard to tell.)

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 14

Now that you’re both back in school (especially with you gone all day at kindergarten, Eleanor), the weekends feel more special. We all stay in jammies for a good long while before worrying about getting dressed, and you play so nicely together in the morning.

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 15

You two create elaborate structures out of your “Star Wars Clone City Building Set” (a.k.a. plastic disposable party cups). Eleanor, this one was mostly your doing, and you were so proud of your fortress that it stayed like this until it was accidentally knocked over a few days later.

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 16

August, you correct us any time we call you some silly name, even though we’re just joking around. Apparently when you are wearing mama’s glasses though, we are to address you as “Mr. Fancy.”

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 17

After dinner today, you and mama spent some time up in the playroom while daddy cleaned up downstairs. We played with Play-Doh, did some pretend cooking on the toy stove, had a Plants vs. Zombies battle with toys in the dollhouse, played Hi Ho Cherry-O, and put together a puzzle before finally heading down to get ready for bed.

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 18

Eleanor and August, you and daddy walked to the popcorn store to get slushies after picking Eleanor up from school. I know you both like the taste, but I think getting those blue tongues as a result of drinking them is almost as much of a draw!

The Library, Rearranged

I’ve been getting the “oh, you’re nesting!” comments from friends and family a lot lately, and maybe it’s true. I’m organizing closets. I’m arranging and rearranging and then rearranging some more. I think I’ve kind of hit on a good arrangement in the library though (and identified a key missing piece!), so I thought I’d snap a few photos today.

Making it Lovely's LIbrary

I don’t know if the rug is going to stay. I like it, but I think it’s a little too sweet in the room and the library is either calling for bare floors or something with an entirely different feel. It’s a little too small anyway.

Black and White Vintage Sofa in a Library

Home Library

I like the black and white sofa in front of the bookshelves. There is room for the library ladder to roll behind there, so it’s not blocking any access, but I don’t know if I’m crazy about lining up that sofa with the blue one facing the same way in the next room over.

Double Parlor

And then there’s that missing piece the room needs: a secretary desk! Yes. This side of the room needs something with some height, and a desk would be useful. I’m thinking it should be black, with masculine lines to offset all of the pink and girly going on in there. Something that won’t compete with the bookshelves, but that can hold its own in the space.

Spot for a Secretary Desk

All right, back to nesting! Today’s my birthday, but I don’t think the baby’s interested in making his debut today (though there’s still time, eh?). I’m angling for tomorrow so he can share the date with my grandma, but I’m not due until Friday.

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