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What to Wear When Pregnant and Traveling

What to Wear When Pregnant and Traveling

I wanted to look cute while traveling recently to France and Morocco, but I’m too far along to wear most of my regular stuff and I didn’t want to go out and buy a lot of new clothes. And now I’m posting this while on a quick trip New York. Really though, this post could have just been called “What to Wear When Pregnant,” as it’s pretty much the same thing — traveling or not! Two new pairs of cropped maternity pants have been the mainstay of my wardrobe, but some of what you see me wearing above is from when I was pregnant the first or second time around (or accessories that I’ve had for years), so I found suitable substitutes below.


I think the easiest, and often most comfortable thing to wear when you’re pregnant is a dress. No weird elastic band around maternity pants to deal with (ugh), and you look instantly put together.

Maternity Dresses

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Tops and Bottoms

Tunics and cropped pants have been my friends on these trips. Pants in black or white look dressier than jeans, and everything still goes with one or the other. A blazer was handy for chilly nights.

Maternity Tops and Bottoms

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Accessories keep me from getting bored with my limited maternity wardrobe, so I like to bring a lot of them with me on trips. And here’s my fashion public service announcement: Pregnant ladies (and ladies that just like good shoes for walking a lot), do yourself a favor and buy those Worishofer sandals. They’re old-lady orthopedic shoes that had their heyday of grandma-chic a couple of years ago, but they’re still cute and they are super comfy.

Shoes and Accessories

The Hallway, Opened Up

Our contractor got started last week on our second floor remodeling project. After just two days, the built-in was removed and the hallway was opened up. We have natural daylight in the hall now, from the window that was blocked off before!

Removing the Hallway's Built-in Storage

The Hallway, Newly Opened Up

There is a large bedroom closet that we could divide and tap into from the hallway if we ever want to add more storage near the bathroom, but it’s not in the plans right now. And though the built-in had been there a long time (70-80 years?), it was not original to the house. There were a few layers of some very old wallpaper hiding beneath it, confirming that the hall once went straight through.

Very Old Wallpaper

The floor beneath was gone though, and the stuff on the stairway side is ugly high-traffic carpet over red linoleum over a couple layers of who-knows-what. So yeah, the floor is going to need some work, but we expected that going into this.

Exposed Subfloor

There’s still a lot of work to go, but it’s looking really good so far!

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