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August’s Room, After Stripping the Wallpaper

Last time I mentioned August’s room, we were starting to strip the wallpaper. That was right before a crew came out to photograph the house, so we wanted to take the peeling wallpaper off and throw a coat of paint on the walls as quickly as possible! I hate rushing to make decisions, and the color I chose is a good example of why. Blech.

You’ve seen a couple of glimpses here and there, and today I have more to share.

August's Room, After Stripping the Wallpaper

The old wallpaper was cute, but August ensured its exit status by peeling a huge portion of it off. So the room is looking better now than it was, but it’s not looking great yet. More to do!

Reading Chair in August's Room

The rug is not staying. It looked good in the bedroom at our old house, but it doesn’t work with the wood here and I think it’s time to let it go. I mentioned before that I’m not in love with the green, and that’s still true. Once I bring in a new rug for the room, I’ll reevaluate the wall color and decide if it needs to be changed.

August's Dresser

August's Bed

The toys are a mess! I picked up whatever and put it wherever so I could vacuum, and everything kind of ended up on the available horizontal surfaces. They could (and should) look a lot neater.

Star Wars Art and August's Books and Toys

To do:

  • paint the bed frame

  • upholster the headboard

  • no more bed rail

  • new rug

  • rearrange the furniture

  • repaint (maybe)

  • add shelves above the radiator

  • more art

  • organize (and pare down) the toys

  • replace the light with a ceiling fan

That green looks even worse in these photos than it does in real life. Oof. I’m excited about pulling his room together though! I’m rolling up that gray rug today and getting it out of there.

August's Room, In Progress

Kane County Flea Market

I met up with a friend yesterday and we took Calvin with us to the Kane County Flea Market. It was kind of a bust shopping-wise, but the company was great, and there were plenty of cute things that I snapped photos of to share!

Hello, adorable old radios.

Vintage Radios at the Kane County Flea Market

I liked the leather tufting on these, but not the arms and legs. Too simple.

Vintage Chairs at the Kane County Flea Market

Darling old sink, though I think the flowers had a lot to do with its charm (if not its practicality). Also, a papier-mâché lady! I liked her.

Fun Finds at the Kane County Flea Market

These always look so amazing when grouped together, but when you only take one home, it’s a disappointment.

Vintage Thermos at the Kane County Flea Market

I do kind of wish I’d picked up this set of dinnerware. I could have added it to the kids’ play kitchen and replaced the mish-mash they have going on now, but that’s me imposing my taste on them. They’re perfectly happy with their assortment.

Retro Dinnerware at the Kane County Flea Market

Doing my thing. “Baby in one hand, camera in the other.”

Vintage Lockers at the Kane County Flea Market

Diminutive camping furniture. I have no use for it, but I liked it.

Camp Furniture at the Kane County Flea Market

I think I’m over mid-century dressers. Antique dressers have more interesting details and shapes.

Antique Dressers at the Kane County Flea Market

This whole work table was nice, but the best part of it was the clamp. And aren’t those old circus drums fantastic? They looked more suited to display than play though.

Industrial Meets Circus at the Kane County Flea Market

Baskets, basket, baskets.

Baskets at the Kane County Flea Market

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and I didn’t find anything there that I absolutely had to have. Still a good way to spend the day though!

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