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Keeping Track of Sales (and a Giveaway!)

I tend to shop for specific clothes only when I need them. A new coat because my old one has become threadbare, or more recently, a few nursing-friendly shirts in my current size. While I’m browsing for the best options, I invariably come across a few finds that I certainly don’t need, but that I do like a whole lot. I’ll often think ‘maybe I’ll pick this up if it goes on sale’ but then I forget to check up on it regularly. I’ve missed out on many an item that went on sale for a great price, but now I’m using PoachIt to keep track of things so that won’t happen again.


I’m not exactly jumping up to buy all the things! but I do like to be aware of when the stuff I’ve had my eye on goes on sale, and that info can help me decide what to purchase and when. The service works with over 5,000 stores (I’ve been using it on sites like J. Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Madewell), and there’s a browser extension (like the ‘pin it’ button) that makes it easy to keep track of items. When the price drops on something you’ve tracked, PoachIt sends you an email, but you can also view your tracked items, follow favorite merchants, and find valid coupons via the website or app.

Besides clothing and things to wear, I’ve been keeping tabs on some of my wish list items for the house. I would love to grab any of these if the day comes that the price is right!

Home Wish List Items

Now with the holiday season upon us, I’ve started using PoachIt for my home and for gift shopping too. I’m not a fan of hitting the Black Friday sales in person, but I do take advantage of the online sales that accompany it and Cyber Monday. Now it will be even easier to pick up the items on my list at a good price (and maybe treat myself to a little something when everything goes on sale again after the holidays).


One winner will win a $100 AMEX giftcard to shop for any item they want! Just go to PoachIt, sign up for an account, then comment back on this post with a link to the item you’d want to buy with the gift card if you won. (I’d probably go for that hat I’m tracking; I can never bring myself to buy a nice hat for myself.) One entry per person, and you must be a US resident and enter by midnight CST on December 1st. Good luck!

Status Report

Calvin is seven weeks old, and I think we can call it now: he has been the easiest of our three babies. He rarely cries, as I can anticipate his needs and read his cues pretty well. We have the occasional bad night, but most of the time he goes to sleep around seven, wakes up to nurse once, and then sleeps again until morning. Five o’clock in the morning, but I’ll take it! He has been in a mama-only phase for the past couple of weeks so I’m not getting as much done as I’d like to, but the upside is that my days are positively filled with baby snuggles and smiles. The house is a mess and I have to do most of my typing with one hand when I work, but he’s worth it.

Nicole and Calvin

The only downside is that breastfeeding continues to be difficult. I think the worst of it was around four weeks (when I wrote this post), but I’d hoped we would be past the pain by now and that the early damage could heal. I indulge Calvin’s preference for me and let him sleep in my arms in part because it keeps him happy and/or asleep for longer, therefore extending the time between nursing sessions (giving me a bit of a reprieve). I wish I didn’t dread nursing so much, but it’s hard to willingly do something ten times a day that hurts. I stubbornly press on because I’m assuming it will get better and I actually like nursing when it’s no longer painful, but I wish we could get to that point soon.

On a happier note, I just learned something new about baby clothes! I always assumed they had envelope necklines to fit over their big wobbly heads, but it’s so you can roll them down in case of a diaper blowout. (Did you know that?) Mind blown.

Mind blown.

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