Patterned Pillows to be Mixed & Matched with Wild Abandon

Any and all of these throw pillows work together, but for the pattern shy, may I suggest choosing just two?

stripespolka dotsfloraltexturemonogrampow!

p.s. Too crazy? A little color-shy? Try these.

Patterned Pillows for the Color-Shy

Here’s a nice way to add a little pattern without going all boom boom pow.

stripespolka dotsfloraltexturemonogrampretty

p.s. I’ve got you covered if you like that boom boom pow.

Living Room Floor Lamp

This little corner of the living room is looking so nice.

I found a floor lamp to light up my life.

I’ll take better pictures soon (these are from my phone), but yes. I found a floor lamp. A little brass, a little bronze, and a little more expensive than I would have liked, but it’s really nice.

Adding a light to that corner makes the whole room feel better! I should have done it years ago. And I took the down the print that was hanging there. I’m not sure if I’ll replace it with something else yet. The blank wall seems strange, but that could just take a little getting used to.

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