In Search of a Brass Floor Lamp

I’ve turned my attention to this corner of the living room. It needs a little something-something.

The previous chair had been great, but the crazy multi-colored floral is where my taste lies these days. I still plan to paint the trim white, it’s probably time to switch out the art, and the chair needs a pillow too. I’ve moved the dress form down to the basement, so I need something else with some height there. The living room doesn’t get enough light for a house plant (thanks to the front porch and a large tree out front), but it’s an ideal spot to add another lamp to the room. The only problem is that there is no outlet there. I think we can run a cord along the trim, maybe along the other side so it’s less noticeable, and it will be fine.

I’m thinking brass might be the way to go.

1, 2, 3

That second one above would be perfect, but it’s expensive. I’ve not had any luck in vintage/thrifted yet, and I haven’t seen anything else in the stores that’s terribly exciting. I’m kind of into this one too, but it’s still pricey. Maybe by the time I get around to finishing the trim, the right lamp will have come along? Maybe.

p.s. Interested in the orange Astrid chair from Anthropologie? It’s in great shape and it’s for sale. Email me. Sold!

Extending the Long Weekend

I hope you’ll indulge me for a day. We spent Labor Day weekend at the fair (Eleanor rode a pony while her great-grandmama yelled “giddy up!”), we went shopping, headed out to the farmer’s market, walked around our neighborhood for hours, spent time with a friend from out of town, did a lot of cooking…

Do you see what was missing from that list? Work. I took the weekend off (which I never do). I don’t have anyone to help with the kids on Tuesdays, so I tend to get my posts ready beforehand. But then last night, my bed was calling and I wasn’t ready to stay up late in the name of work. I’m extending my long weekend by another day. Today is for dancing with the kids to Paul Simon, going to the park, and maybe a little nap for everyone.

Honor Roll

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone! I’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

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