Eleanor’s New Bedroom

Eleanor’s room is done! She’s a fan.

The pink walls, lighting fixture, and curtains that I made are still in the room from when it used to be my studio. There is a detailed list of sources on a separate page, so do take a look if you’d like to know where something specific came from.

Here’s the vintage dresser from her nursery that we painted pink. I hung a mirror (it’s named the Eleanor Mirror!) above to reflect light from the window on the opposite wall, and the basket on the floor is for Eleanor’s laundry.

To the left of the dresser is a rocking chair and her closet. To the left of that are her bookshelves.

She loves grabbing toys from them.

There are three framed prints above the bookshelves. I made the Que Sera, Sera print in the middle (download it for free here!), and the other two are by The Black Apple and Lulu Dee. The frames are from Target.

I also made the recycled paper banner that hangs above her closet.

There are more toys on the other side of the room, behind the door. The smaller things are in toy boxes, and the larger toys are tucked away in a little alcove.

And then there are the books.

The girl loves to read.

Fabric & Handle Bags

The straps are adjustable. Genius! There are lots of other colors and options too, but I’m really liking this red and white striped one.

Babies Like the Sound of Running Water

A few people asked yesterday if I still managed to get a shower each day. Yes, with very much the same setup as before.

Eleanor, July 2009

August, May 2011

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