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I posted about the very pretty Louisa sofa yesterday, and it made me curious about how long we’ve had our sofa. I checked flickr for photos of our old apartment and I just realized how much of our living room has stayed the same over the years.

sofa, lamps

Living Room

We have had our couch since 2006. We also still have the same pink Robert Abbey lamps, and the same pillows (but moved around a little).

And hello, orange chair. You’ve been with us for five years now too.

new chair

My Living Room

Yes, the living room in this house has its differences from the living room in our old apartment, but I was surprised to see so many similarities. It’s really my Making it Yours concept put into practice.

And wow, has my taste really stayed that consistent? I’ve been feeling the urge to shake things up a little lately, but I also still like our living room a lot. Do you ever feel conflicted like that?

Louisa Sofa

It’s pretty close to perfect. If I were to choose a new sofa for my home, it would ideally have that flat back with loose seat cushions.

Jayson Home & Garden

Style: May 2011

This is a prettier version of what I’ve been wearing lately. I wrote about that top on Babble not long ago, and I’m still loving it. It’s nursing friendly, and I like to wear it tucked into a skirt (though it looks great over jeans too). The top calls for a long necklace, and a leather belt polishes the look when the shirt is tucked in. Metallic flats are another way to add some polish (why go for basic black?), and I’d add a little gold ring too. Finally, I’d carry a big red bag to keep things interesting with a bold color. And add red lipstick. And liquid eyeliner. Done.

I think I need to step it up a little around here. The tailored skirt and belt are really all I’m missing from this outfit (I have reasonable facsimiles for the rest), but compared to the lazy jersey skirt I’ve been wearing, they make all the difference. I haven’t been buying much clothing over the last three years, other than some necessary maternity wear, because my body has been in a constant state of change. First I was pregnant, then I was nursing for over a year and I lost the baby weight plus twenty pounds, but then I turned right around and got pregnant again. Now I’m nursing again, but carrying some extra weight and feeling chubby. I hadn’t been particularly inspired by fashion recently, but it feels nice to look nice and I would love that skirt and belt in the size I am now.

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