Floor Model, Half Off

Score! I found the chair that I wanted, marked down to 50% off! Why, you may wonder? What’s wrong with it?

Oh, nothing. Just a 2″ tear smack in the middle of the fabric where your head rests. See it? It’s up near the top on a blue part of the fabric.

(click to enlarge)

Do you think it can be fixed? Right now, I can still return it. Then I can either go for the full price (non-torn) chair, or skip it and keep the orange chair instead of selling it.

The busy pattern is in the chair’s favor here, as a repair job would be much less noticeable than on a solid color. And in a way, the tear takes some of the preciousness away from the chair; It’s coming into a house with a toddler and a baby, a dog, and several cats. Something, at some point, is bound to happen to it. (Although the orange chair has survived the last five years completely intact.)

It looks like my options for repair are to patch it, or to darn the upholstery with a looped stitch. The chair came with matching armrest covers that I could use for a patch. I could probably take it somewhere to be repaired too, but if I’m going to put more money toward the chair, I may as well buy a new one.

Think it could be saved?

Wavering Ombré Curtains

So very pretty.


MiY 7b: Teenage Boy’s Room

In this edition of Making it Yours, we’re following the Window Daybed as it shows up throughout a young boy’s life. The bed got its start in his childhood bedroom, and now we see it as he enters his teenage years.

The boy is now 14 (ah, it seems last week he was just a little boy!). He and his dad repainted the walls, but they kept the daybed, painted dresser, nightstand, striped rug, lamp, and guitar poster. Now road signs replace the alphabet, and groovy bedding replaces cute monsters. The phrenology head is awesome (I gave one to Brandon last year), and yes, there is now an actual guitar in the mix. I have a soft spot for Danelectro because that was the make of my first guitar too (a Dano U2). The black swivel chair makes a good spot to sit and practice those pesky barre chords.

Next up, we’ll see the daybed in the living room of his first apartment.

* Edit (08.02.11, 8:45pm)
A couple of comments suggested adding a desk and some storage, and I thought that was a good idea. Consider this bookshelf, desk, and chair part of the room as well.

I also had a little fun dirtying up the place. Literally and figuratively. Can you spot the new addition to the room? Continue Reading…

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