Hipster Chia Pets in the Dining Room

Oh, you guys. I know what you were waiting for. All weekend you thought “ooh, if only I could see those creepy giant head vases Nicole bought again.”

You’re in luck!

They’re huge, and believe me, I know that not all of you like them. But I do. And I think I still prefer them in the living room, but we need some art above the sofa to balance their size. So maybe they’ll live in the dining room for a while? It will be great for when I totally lose my marbles. Instant dinner party guests!

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Changes in the Living Room

I had written earlier this year about how the living room had stayed fairly consistent over the last five years. I still like the room, but I had been feeling the need to shake things up a bit. So I’ve been making some changes.

I got my hipster Chia pets. (Local friends, Carriage Flower Shop here in Oak Park has them.)

I sold the orange chair (fare thee well, sweet orange chair!), and I have the floral chair floor sample that I repaired in its place. I was able to almost pay for the new chair with the old, and the chair paired with a floor lamp makes a nice reading corner.

You may recognize the pillows in the room from yesterday’s post. I should point out that August gave me that red/orange pillow for my birthday last week. Didn’t he do a great job picking it out? I suspect Brandon helped him, but good job all around.

The rocking chair is upstairs (because I am lazy sometimes and don’t like to cart it upstairs and back down for August’s monthly photo), so we brought back the other Eames chair and the elephant. It is possible that I have too much of an affinity for Eames furniture, but they’re classic investment pieces that I don’t tire of. Plus they’re sentimental for us. We got the LCW when we were married, the rocking chair when we were expecting, and the elephant for our first Christmas as new parents.

There are still some things I’d like to do in the living room. I took down the silhouette quilt above the sofa. It was funny to have that many heads in one space now that the busts are on the side tables! So we need some different art. Or a mirror? Not sure.

I’d also like to switch out the side table next to the floral chair. It’s cute, but the spindle doesn’t play well with the floor lamp behind it and something chunkier would look better. Oh, and I keep putting it off but I need to paint the trim white. I’m always too busy, but I don’t think there will be a time when I’m not busy, so I really should just force myself to tackle it.

What else? Maybe one more pillow. Maybe different curtains (maybe). Not much… the room if feeling pretty good now.

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